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Absolute Support - Value Brand
• Knee-Hi
• Medium 15-20mmHg Support
• Closed Toe
• Dress Sock Look
• Casual Sock
• Reinforced Toe/Heel
• Sock Look & Feel
• Regular Length
• Opaque Material
• Microfiber Material

Graduated Compression Travel socks help to lower the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), aka Coach Class Syndrome, swollen ankles and tired aching legs while flying. DVT can affect anyone at any age, even though there is no previous history. Wearing graduated compression Travel Socks can safe your life.

In recent years, following the widening press coverage of DVT, there have been a number of efforts to introduce DVT-preventative devices.

Recognized by a number of health experts, these elastic compression stockings represent one of the most accessible steps towards the reduction of DVT.  By applying a gentle pressure to the ankle, they help blood to flow around the body by squeezing it up towards the heart, which assists the body's circulation.

Order by Shoe Size:
Small = 4-5
Med = 5 -7.5
Large = 7.5-10
X-large = over 10
  •  Medium Support and Style, great for shorts, skirts or slacks.
  •  Very light Pattern - for an elegant dress or casual look.
  •  15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression is recommended for DVT Prevention
  •  Two way stretch makes these easy to put on and take off, soft, microfiber nylon feeling
  •  Reciprocated (Reinforced) heel with comfortable toe pocket
  •  Soft comfort, non-restrictive, stay up top band, for great "stay up" power.
  •  90% Microfiber Nylon 10% Lycra® Spandex
*90% Microfiber Nylon / 10% Lycra® spandex*Medically approved graduated compression, recommended to relieve tired, aching and swollen legs, and symptoms of mild varicose veins.

Order by Shoe Size:

Small = 4-5
Med = 5 -7.5
Large = 7.5-10
X-large = over 10

Available in the following configurations

FLYSOCKS_WBL 1   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Black ** Size Small
FLYSOCKS_WBL 2   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Black ** Size Medium
FLYSOCKS_WBL 3   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Black ** Size Large
FLYSOCKS_WBL 4   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Black ** Size X-Large
FLYSOCKS_WN 1   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Navy ** Size Small
FLYSOCKS_WN 2   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Navy ** Size Medium
FLYSOCKS_WN 3   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Navy ** Size Large
FLYSOCKS_WN 4   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Navy ** Size X-Large
FLYSOCKS_WTN 1   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Tan ** Size Small
FLYSOCKS_WTN 2   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Tan ** Size Medium
FLYSOCKS_WTN 3   Absolute Support - Value Brand FLYSOCKS_W Tan ** Size Large
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Rated 5 by
Had received the socks for a long flight. Once I got them on, my legs felt great. Minimal swelling. I'll wear them for all flights. Great products!
Rated 5 by
Rated 4 by
Quality product at a reasonable price. Comfortable, easy to put on. I rarely fly but use compression hose for long road journeys. They make a huge difference to how I feel when I reach destination. They are quite attractive in beige, they don't look like traditional compression stockings! I like them.
Rated 5 by
These are comfortable sox with light compression. Good price. herringbone pattern barely shows.
Rated 5 by
Great fit, doesn't bind at the top, easy to put on. Nice to no longer have leg pain. Wear them every day.
Rated 4 by
I have had significant ankle swelling on prior long flights. I was traveling to the Caribbean and decided to try the flying socks They did fit comfortably. I did have some swelling on arrival but it was about 75% less than what it was without the stockings. So, I found them beneficial and recommend them for persons who experience ankle swelling during flying.
Rated 5 by
Went to China 2 years ago and my ankles swelled to unbelievable proportions. Went to Uganda this year and bought the flying socks! Hardly no swelling and legs felt much better. I will not travel again without them and will probably wear them to work on long days! They are a little hard to get on, but if you follow the directions, it's not too hard.
Rated 5 by
I am glad to have found these travel socks - the price was reasonable, the quality good. Since I've never worn such socks before, I'm still not sure how tight they are supposed to be, so I bought three sizes. Would have appreciated a little guidance on the website regarding expected fit.... I bought them for an upcoming trip, but have taken to wearing them to work - they look businesslike with pants, and the fabric wears better than the trouser socks I have been buying (am hoping they will help me avoid more spider veins in my legs - don't know if that's possible, but that's my hope!).
Rated 5 by
I purchased a pair of travel socks in a pharmacy in Switzerland for twice as much, they work great for long flights and everyday work, we own a restaurant and I’m on my feet every day! So I needed more socks and purchased your product, same good quality but only half the price, I like them and will soon order them in other colors as well. Thank you.
Rated 5 by
I just returned from Israel and wore flying socks to and fro and had comfortable legs and feet and landed on my feet after both flights!
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Q: I have heavy legs, so need the extra large, but they are often too long, causing a lot of pain over time if I have to roll them down. Do you carry a "plus size" product:
Questions that are on Your Mind
Q: Can you help me with sizing?
A: You can view the size chart here: size chart
You will need accurate measurements, so first learn how to measure.
Q: What is compression? What is the difference in compression?
A: You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.
Q: What does mmHg mean?
A: mmhg stands for "millimeter of mercury", a way to measure pressure. The higher the number, the tighter the garment will squeeze and the more compression it provides.
Q: How can we wash the garments? And with which soap or detergent?
A: We recommend to hand wash in warm water and air dry. You can use mild soup of the washing solution that we provide such as the jobst jolastic, hosiery mate washing solution, sigvaris liquid washing solution etc. See our full washing instructions.
Q: What is the difference between open toe and close toe?
A: There is no therapeutic difference between open and closed toe socks. The choice is yours, whichever is more comfortable.
Q: What is opaque?
A: Opaque is a thicker material that provides great coverage and your skin will be far less visible. Usually worn in winter because of the thickness.
Q: What is sheer?
A: Sheer is a thinner, dressier material. Customer usually like these because they can use them as dress socks for work or church.
Q: Do I get compression at the toe area?
A: No. Compression begins at the ankle and gradually lessens as it goes up the leg. This reduces pooling in the legs and helps the veins return blood to the heart.
Q: Will a thicker material give me more support than the sheer material?
A: No. The compression provided is measured by mmHg and is the same no matter the material. The choice of material is up to you, whichever is more comfortable.
Q: If I get pantyhose will I get more compression than with a knee-hi?
A: No.
Q: Where are you? How's the weather?
A: We are located in Brooklyn, NY. Here is the current weather in our part of town. We hope the sun is shining by you!
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