Juzo Cotton Support Socks 15-20 mmHg
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Available in the Following Configurations
5800AD02I   I Brown
5800AD02II   II Brown
5800AD02III   III Brown
5800AD02IV   IV Brown
5800AD02V   V Brown
5800AD02VI   VI Brown
5800AD03I   I Khaki
5800AD03II   II Khaki
5800AD03III   III Khaki
5800AD03IV   IV Khaki
5800AD03V   V Khaki
5800AD03VI   VI Khaki
5800AD06I   I White
5800AD06II   II White
5800AD06III   III White
5800AD06IV   IV White
5800AD06V   V White
5800AD06VI   VI White
5800AD09I   I Navy
5800AD09II   II Navy
5800AD09III   III Navy
5800AD09IV   IV Navy
5800AD09V   V Navy
5800AD09VI   VI Navy
5800AD10I   I Black
5800AD10II   II Black
5800AD10III   III Black
5800AD10IV   IV Black
5800AD10V   V Black
5800AD10VI   VI Black

Juzo Cotton Support Socks 15-20 mmHg

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SKU: 5800AD


Juzo Cotton Support Socks Model #5800 A-D Knee High Closed Toe 15-20 mmHg

Juzo Cotton Support Socks

Model: 5800 A-D

Give your legs the energy they need to get through the day! Designed for optimal comfort and fashion appeal, this line is made with a high cotton content 72% to ensure a luxurious, breathable knit.

New and improved design. Softer and more elastic.

Smooth, flat, stay put band

Reinforced heel and toe

Machine wash, air dry

If you ever have a question or problem please feel free to call us Toll Free at 800-982-0939. All of our employees are very knowledgeable and can help you with all your questions.

Knee Hi
Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure thickest part of the calf.

Determine the length by measuring from the crease of the knee to bottom of the heel. -
For a closed toe please include your shoe size.

Half Thigh
Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure the circumference at mid-thigh.

Determine the length by measuring from the mid-thigh to the bottom of the heel. -

Thigh Hi
Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure the thigh circumference at the groin around one leg.

Determine the length by measuring from under the buttocks to the bottom of the heel. -

Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure the thigh circumference at the groin around one leg.

Measure around Hip and Waist

Determine the length by measuring from under the buttocks to the bottom of the heel. -

Remember to measure your bare leg when swelling is at a minimum.

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Rated 5 by
just what the doctor ordered without all the extra costs.
Rated 5 by
On January 24 2012 I sustained a very serious dislocated and broken left ankle. My physical therapist recommended support hose which I have been wearing ever since, summer and winter. They fit well and are very comfortable I would recommend them to anyone who has the need By the way, they wear well and I don't have to replace them very often
Rated 5 by
I recently purchased 4 pair of the Juzo Cotton Support Socks. I've been very happy with the quality They oar over the calf socks and stay up very well. These socks had keep my legs from developing the condition refered to as edema. Without the stocking the edema will occur within a couple of hrs after getting up in the morning. Very pleased and would recommend these sock to anyone needing support stocking with the amount support thee provide.
Rated 5 by
Great support socks, not too tight, just right. Legs really do well using these. Will always have on hand.
Rated 5 by
Have been using them for several years and find product excellent, and they wear well.
Rated 5 by
Really nice, I have three pairs, love how they feel. I am a nurse and work 10 to 12 hour days and these have seriously been great for my legs. It did take a bit to learn how to put them on correctly, be sure to use gloves.
Rated 4 by
I have worn Juzo compression stockings since 2000. Despite their high cost, I continue to return to them for their superior comfort and trim appearance, particularly worn as knee-highs with walking shorts, my usual costume here in So. Florida. Order vis internet from DSS is absolutely trouble free. DDR
Rated 3 by
The socks are okay as far as sizing; however, they are NOT "moderate" (15-20mmHg). Even the box says "mild" on it and I wasn't able to return them. They are comfortable but if the amount of compression is vital such as my own medical situation...do NOT purchase these socks.
Rated 5 by
Consistent. That is all that I can say since I first started ordering in '09'
Rated 4 by
These are the best compression socks! I rotate the pairs that I have to make them last and they do!
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1 question for this item
Q: Does the Juzo knee highs have the silicone band around the top of the stocking?
A: This garment doesn't have silicone.
Answered by Inez
Questions that are on Your Mind
Q: Can you help me with sizing?
A: You can view the size chart here: size chart
You will need accurate measurements, so first learn how to measure.
Q: What is compression? What is the difference in compression?
A: You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.
Q: What does mmHg mean?
A: mmhg stands for "millimeter of mercury", a way to measure pressure. The higher the number, the tighter the garment will squeeze and the more compression it provides.
Q: How can we wash the garments? And with which soap or detergent?
A: We recommend to hand wash in warm water and air dry. You can use mild soup of the washing solution that we provide such as the jobst jolastic, hosiery mate washing solution, sigvaris liquid washing solution etc. See our full washing instructions.
Q: What is the difference between open toe and close toe?
A: There is no therapeutic difference between open and closed toe socks. The choice is yours, whichever is more comfortable.
Q: What is opaque?
A: Opaque is a thicker material that provides great coverage and your skin will be far less visible. Usually worn in winter because of the thickness.
Q: What is sheer?
A: Sheer is a thinner, dressier material. Customer usually like these because they can use them as dress socks for work or church.
Q: Do I get compression at the toe area?
A: No. Compression begins at the ankle and gradually lessens as it goes up the leg. This reduces pooling in the legs and helps the veins return blood to the heart.
Q: Will a thicker material give me more support than the sheer material?
A: No. The compression provided is measured by mmHg and is the same no matter the material. The choice of material is up to you, whichever is more comfortable.
Q: If I get pantyhose will I get more compression than with a knee-hi?
A: No.
Q: Where are you? How's the weather?
A: We are located in Brooklyn, NY. Here is the current weather in our part of town. We hope the sun is shining by you!
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