Absolute Support™ Opaque Medical Compression Knee Highs - Firm Support 20-30mmHg – Unisex

Absolute Support™ Opaque Medical Compression Knee Highs - Firm Graduated Support 20-30mmHg – Unisex, Open & Closed Toe
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Absolute Support
Opaque Support
Model A201 A211

Made in USA - Opaque Compression Socks - Knee-Hi - Firm Support - Closed Toe 20-30mmHg Graduated Compression Stockings
 Support Socks & Support Stockings for men and woman

Made of a durable, opaque material this strong surgical weight knee hi compression sock gives you the graduated compression doctors recommend for poor circulation, edema, chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins.  The opaque material for men and women hugs legs to evenly reduce fatigue, pain and swelling. This strong compression sock will provide a firm fit and graduated 20-30mmHg compression They will feel tighter than your average support sock and may be a bit harder to put them on.

  • Made in the USA
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Comfortable, non constricting top band keeps garment in place
  • Open Toe or Closed Toe
  • Flat seams on foot
  • Sold as a pair
  • Short Lengths available for shorter leg lengths -  Short Length size designed for people 5.5 ft and under.
  • Silicone Border option available to keep garment in place on larger calves
  • Unisex material and sizing

  • 78% Nylon
  • 22% Lycra Spandex

Absolute Support is our private line of high quality compression at value pricing! All of our compression socks are designed and engineered with your comfort in mind.  Absolute Support delivers physician-prescribed elastic compression therapy guaranteed. Just like the big name "brands", we take 4-6 compression measurements at precise intervals between the ankle and end of garment.  Multiple measurements guarantee our garments are comfortable and deliver an accurate distribution of the pressure gradient.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Washing instructions

20-30mmHg - Firm Compression

  • Helps prevent and relieve moderate to severe varicose veins (also during pregnancy)
  • For post-surgical and post-sclerotherapy treatment to help prevent the reappearance of varicose and spider veins
  • Helps in treatment of moderate to severe edema or lymphatic edema
  • Helps with the management of active ulcers and manifestations of post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS)
  • Helps relieve superficial thrombophlebitis
  • Helps prevent orthostatic hypotension (sudden fall in blood pressure when standing)
  • Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), also known as economy class syndrome
Learn more about compression levels

Size Chart

How to Measure

If you ever have a question or problem please feel free to call us Toll Free at 800-982-0939. All of our employees are very knowledgeable and can help you with all your questions.

Knee Hi
Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure thickest part of the calf.

Determine the length by measuring from the crease of the knee to bottom of the heel. -
For a closed toe please include your shoe size.

Half Thigh
Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure the circumference at mid-thigh.

Determine the length by measuring from the mid-thigh to the bottom of the heel. -

Thigh Hi
Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure the thigh circumference at the groin around one leg.

Determine the length by measuring from under the buttocks to the bottom of the heel. -

Measure the ankle circumference above the anklebone (narrowest part).

Measure the thigh circumference at the groin around one leg.

Measure around Hip and Waist

Determine the length by measuring from under the buttocks to the bottom of the heel. -

Remember to measure your bare leg when swelling is at a minimum.


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Most Popular Reviews
Rated 5 by Plucy
Always looking for good compression for a reasonable price. These socks fit the bill. They wear well. I have been wearing these socks for about two years. Iā€™m glad they have a short fit also. I have tried different brands for twice the price . They feel a bit more silky but get flaws more easily also. For everyday wear these are the best for me.
Rated 5 by Darlene
I have wore compression Stockings for a long time now I am fitted every two years and the therapist send my size to a company and they send out my stocking and I am only allow three pair a year . When I found discounts surgural stockings measured my legs and send for some ,they had the same compression as the stockings I received from therapist and were cheaper there are a great fit and will continue to order them because they are the same professional stocking.
Rated 5 by Linda
These stockings were great. The price was so cheap I was scared I would get something I could not use but that was NOT the case. The fit perfect and are great socks. I am so glad I ordered them. I ordered six pairs too and will order from them again when I need more socks. I just love them. Toeless is great too. They fit better than socks with the toes and are so much easier to take off.
Rated 5 by Kathleen Stairs
At less than half the cost of other stockings this is the best value for my money. I am on and unreasonably tight budget and these stockings are absolutely the same in quality of the much advertised brands that I have used in the best. I highly recommend these products from this excellent company.
Rated 5 by KAREN
I am very pleased with these stockings. They fit great, are economical, and very practical and comfortable for everyday wear. I ordered them in both black and nude. I need to use a stocking donner to put them on as they are a tight stretch, but that is probably why they work so well and have reduced the swelling in my ankles so well.
Rated 5 by Alice
I have worn these stockings for three plus years. Very high quality. I have yet to ruin one. I use medical gloves to put them on. I rotate thee pair for three months and then reorder. Really helps the swelling of my feet, ankles and lower leg. Very comfortable. I especially like the roomy box toe of this style.
Rated 5 by Jasmine
I absolutely love these compression stockings. They offer the perfect amount of support. I have noticed less leg and back pain. They have a think rim at the calf so they dont dig into my leg. Also, I never ever have to pull them up during the day. My husband even tried mine on. They are a large and he is 6'4". He liked them very much, but of course they were too short for him. So he has agreed to have me order him the mens style. I love these so much that I talked about them at work. Five friends were interested so we put in a large order. They have all stated their same love for them and have ordered again on their own. I almost have half of the department in them. I would recommend these to anyone. You cant beat the price either!
Rated 5 by Joe Benni
As the headline states, these open toe support hose are well made and fit well. I wear a size 13 shoe and these fit well. They are thin enough that you can wear a second pair over them depending on the shoe and occasion (dress versus casual). The silicone top works well to keep them up all day long. They are comfortable enough to wear all day. I will definitely purchase them again.
Rated 5 by Deb
Its hard to find this stockings in petite length. These are just what I need, and a great price, Discount Surgical is the best. You won't be sorry with these or discount surgical
Rated 5 by Dianna Tison
Have purchased the more expensive ones and decided to try some that were less expensive now that I am retired. Found great fit and value. Love the silicone band that helps to keep the tops from rolling down and cutting off circulation. Have recommended to others.
Rated 5 by Laura
I was so pleased to find such a high-quality compression stocking at such a reasonable price!
Rated 5 by Valerie Mullen
The stocking fit perfectly. So smooth and comforting and easy to put on and off. Nice color and washes very well. Just love the service and the stocking. Ordered 6 more of a lighter one for the summer. Thank you.
Rated 5 by TIM
Rated 5 by Gai Murray
W e had trouble finding the socks my husband has been wearing for several years but were unavailable from our previous supplier. Thankfully I was able thru the web to find Discount Surgical. Their service has been excellent and my husband has been wearing his socks daily like he is supposed to do for his poor circulation. The one thing that has also helped tremendously is a product we found also on the web called "Doff and Donner" making the task of putting on the socks a breeze. I would also recommend this product to any one who has difficulty putting on their socks.
Rated 5 by Donald Hansen
I have used Jobst and Juzu open and closed toes and these by FAR are superior to either of those brands. The silicone grip really keeps the socks in place; not dropping down, no wrinkling. They stay smooth from the time you put them on until you remove at night. And one other thing, they are easier to get on than either of the other two brands; alos, removal is extremely easy. Be sure to buy the 'easy-slide caran' when purchasing as this is the easiest way to slide the sockings on. Hey, take my word...been wearing 'aids' since 1970.
Rated 5 by Sandy
Being a paralyzed individual with edema, it is necessary to wear support stockings. I have wanted to wear thong-type sandles, but it's not possible with the regular closed toe knee-hi. I was so pleased to see open-toe knee hi's available and happier yet that they fit so well, look great and I can even get and "show off" pretty polished toe nails. I absolutely recommend these stockings. The fact that they are also a great value is just "icing on the cake."
Rated 5 by TONI
Rated 5 by Jody
These are great! I buy the open toe so they can be worn with slacks and sandals to work. They fit perfectly and make my legs feel great!
Rated 5 by Susan Z. Ortiz
I love my stockings , never have I had such a most comfortable pair . I have payed more money for other stockings that never never felt as good as this . I will order more soon. Thank you Susan Z. Ortiz
Rated 5 by Kayla
I am 25 years old. I started having leg pain and seeing blue/purple spider veins on my calves and ankles about 2 years ago. At the time I worked on my feet a lot. I am slender, have no kids and figured I just have bad circulation or something. I now work where I get a mixture of sitting and walking, but continue to have leg pains and those ugly veins! I bought these affordable stockings a little over a month ago and have been wearing them daily. I hand wash them and lay them flat to dry overnight. A month later, my veins are faded so much I can barely see them! I have less leg cramps too! I am so happy with the product and will continue to wear them because they are so comfortable and produce real results! Don't waste your money on creams for veins, these stockings do the trick!
Rated 5 by Sharon
These are the best surgical stockings I have ever used. They are easy to put on and take off.
Rated 5 by vick
I bought 3 pair to try. They were great and I bought 6 more pair! Easy care, great comfortable fit, and just what the doctor ordered so what could go wrong! I love these hose & this online store. THANKS
Rated 5 by Susan Malenab
These are the most comfortable knee high support I have worn. They stay up and there is plentty of room in the toe area.
Rated 5 by Barb
These support hose give true compression, the silicone border top is very comfortable and keep the hose from sliding. As I said, I have long legs and was surprised at the length and greta fit of these hose. The price is probably the best I have ever paid, mabout 60% off what I have paid in the past. I am very satisfied and will be buying all my future compression hose here.
Rated 5 by Karl Neiling
After 3-4 weeks of daily use I'm happy and satisfied with the generic brand of support socks @ 1/3 the price
Rated 5 by Rachel
I really enjoyed the open toe fit. It doesnt cut off my toe circulation.
Rated 5 by Gayle
I must have purchased 6 different kinds of support hose for my mother ranging from $14.95 to $74.95 a piece, but they kept rolling down, making a rubber band effect on her legs, which inhibited her circulation even more and made her legs swell up to what the nurses call a 4. I finally contacted her doctor again, and he said to get the kind with the wide tops that don't roll. The surgical supply stores didn't carry anything like it, so I went online, and found these. They are wonderful. They stay put and don't roll down, cutting off her circulation. Her doctor had her on limited liquid intake and had doubled up the lasix, but at the last visit, he took off the liquid restriction and she's back to her single lasix dose. The stockings are great and I would recommend them to everyone.
Rated 5 by Vern
Regular socks tend to slip down around my ankles when walking or working in the yard. I can wear these knee highs all day without having to pull them up. The toe seems to be a little larger and more comfortable too.
Rated 5 by Doreen
My lupus doctor told me about this website. She said the stockings where a portion of the price you'd pay anywhere else. She was so right! The stockings exceed what I thought they would be for the price I paid. I love them and wear them daily.
Rated 5 by Michael Semler
After struggling for almost 20 years with massive amounts of fluids on the leg after lymph nodes needing to be removed in the groin after cancer surgery in 1990, I have finally found relief and comfort with your surgical hose. Thank you for a wonderful product, and also the inovation of the enlarged toe and heel area. Comfort is a real plus, and it is nice to get relief and comfort with one product.
Rated 5 by Sue
I like these much better than open toe - these are the first ones to be just the right length for a short woman.
Rated 5 by Cecile
I find these stockings to be extremely comfortable; the wide band up top does not bind and the support is excellent. I have worn them for a short while, but already plan to order additional pairs. I am hoping they will hold up well to washings, but for this reasonable price they are a very good value.
Rated 5 by Susan
These short length socks fit perfectly! I now have something comfortable - and healthy - to wear with sandals this summer. I am 5' 2" and the regular length socks just didn't fit quite right. Thank you for carrying them!
Rated 5 by Lyn
Best fitting stocking we have ever used. Does the trick, and is very comfortable to wear.
Rated 5 by Ann Marie
Put these stockings on right after they came in the mail. They fit wonderful. Quality of the materials is top. Legs felt great within a few hours. Do a lot of walking as a nurse and just think legs feel wonderful now. Wash up easy and still hold their shape. Will definitely purchase again from here for the next pair, may buy two pair next time.

Q & A

Ask a Question
28 questions for this item
Q: What size is best for : ankle 9ā€¯, calf 15ā€¯, and height to knee crease 15ā€¯. For closed toe knee highs
A: in the a201 you would be a size medium.
Q: what size would be best, calf is 22.25 ankle is 11 and length a-d is 17
A: i would recommend the a211 2xl .
Q: plantar fascliitis compression socks
A: M806BE3
Q: Ankle1 = 8.75", Calf2 = 15.5", LengthA-D = 21.5" - what size would you recommend?
A: Size medium with regular length would be a good option for those measurements.
Q: I wear a size 11 women shoe would the compression sock stock the swelling in my feet and ankles. I'm also a CNA associate, I stay on my feet all day .
A: This item is sized by the measurement of your ankle, calf and length. This would be a good option for someone on their feet alot.
Q: I wear a size 13 mens shoe and i don't see any measurement for the size of the foot. How can I be sure the socks I am ordering will fit my large foot?
A: The foot area usually stretches enough even if you have large feet.I would suggest the open toe, that way you have the correct measurements but at the same time its guaranteed comfortably in the foot.
Q: Are these Latex free
A: Yes, they are
Q: My ankle is 8.25", calf 14" and length 15". That's at the top of "small" or should I order "medium" to be safe?
A: You would be a size medium.
Q: how long are short length socks
A: The short length socks go up to 15in
Q: I measure a small but wear size 91/2 shoe. Will the foot be long enough? I've had trouble with length in other styles.
A: The foot area expands enough where the size small should fit you properly.
Q: Standard length = How many inches? Short length = How many inches?
A: Standard length:up to 18in Short length :up to 15 in
Q: what is the difference between surgical opaque and microfiber opaque
A: The difference between surgical opaque and microfiber opaque is that they use a different type of fiber context. Instead of using the regular nylon they use a microfiber nylon that gives the socks a dressier look than an opaque sock.
Q: Is A211SH BE 2 the same as A201SH BE 2? I enter 211 & 201 gets into order?
A: The difference is the A211SH is an opened toe and the A201SH is a closed toe.
Q: Are these for Foot compression? I need that most
A: The compression in the garment will start at the ankel and decrease while up the leg. They do not have any compression at the foot.
Q: What is the difference of the sock without the silicone grip top.
A: The silicone grip top will help the garment stay in place if the calf muscle wont help keep them up.
Q: Do you have this in 15-20 mmHg surgical compression socks knee high
A: The most similar item to this is the A131 link to follow http://www.discountsurgical.com/absolute-support/a131.microfiber-opaque-knee-hi-15-20mmhg.23776.html
Q: Hi like to know if you had it in 15-20 mmHg
A: The A201 A211 Is not mad in the 15-20mmhg. However we do have some thing similar. It is the A131 the is to follow http://www.discountsurgical.com/absolute-support/a131.microfiber-opaque-knee-hi-15-20mmhg.23776.html
Q: I measure 7.5" ankle, 13" calf, 16" length, and wear a size 8.5 shoe. Would a medium, short, regular calf be the right size? I want a closed toe, but need the large toe box. Because I wear 8.5 shoes, I want to make sure my foot isn't cramped. I'm looking at the Surgical Opaque Compression socks.
A: The size medium is correct. The foot part of the garment is universal and will stretch up to 12 womens shoe size.
Q: If I am getting a 2XL stocking, why or why not, would I choose to $2.00 extra for "Extra Wide", on the calf size?
A: Whether or not you choose the extra wide calf the size 2XL is the extrea wide calf which automatically add on the $2 to the order
Q: I just put in my account info and I click on the specs I want but Zero still shows up in my Cart. Kathi
A: Maybe the feature you are requesting are out of stock or not made
Q: my husband needs the silicone top...i cannot seem to indicate that on my order for short, large size knee length hose..a201sh3...his measurements are 27cm ankle, 39cm calf, 58cm length
A: Hi The short length Is currently not available with a silicone border
Q: what is the length of the knee high 3XL?
A: For the size 3XL we do not provide a length. It is considered standard length.
Q: If I order the 3XL, how much larger would the extra wide calf size be?
A: Size 2XL Extra wide calf ankle 10"-12" calf 18"-22" and for the 3XL ankle 12"-13", calf 18"-24"
Q: I am trying to reorder the A209BE3 I ordered a few months back.. they are in stock but only up to XL, I ordered the 3xl in short the last couple of orders. I would prefer the wide calf but they are nver in stock although they show them on the order info
A: The A209 Is the same as the A201. This is made in the extra wide calf, however they are only made in the regular length and not in the short length.
Q: measurements are 18" high, 9" ankle and 13" calf. Am I a medium or large for knee high compression stockings
A: You will be in the size Medium.
Q: What is the on length on the short knee-hi
A: We do not have the length of each size of the short size stockings. We only know that the short length is for length 15" or lower.
Q: I purchased a medium, open-toed version of these a long time ago for a vein treatment and wore them only for a short time. They still fit well, however I've been advised to get a new pair to make sure the compression is the same. I have a series of treatments coming up and would like to know if the medium in this new version will fit the same as the old version. My measurements are consistent with a medium, but sometimes that doesn't always work out with a new manufacturer.
A: If your measurements are running in the size Medium on this model then that will be your size. This stockings run true to size.
Q: does the seam on the closed toe run across the top of the toes or at the ends?
A: These are almost seamless -- there is a slight seem on the top of the toes
Questions that are on Your Mind
Q: Can you help me with sizing?
A: You can view the size chart here: size chart
You will need accurate measurements, so first learn how to measure.
Q: What is compression? What is the difference in compression?
A: You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.
Q: What does mmHg mean?
A: mmhg stands for "millimeter of mercury", a way to measure pressure. The higher the number, the tighter the garment will squeeze and the more compression it provides.
Q: How can we wash the garments? And with which soap or detergent?
A: We recommend to hand wash in warm water and air dry. You can use mild soup of the washing solution that we provide such as the jobst jolastic, hosiery mate washing solution, sigvaris liquid washing solution etc. See our full washing instructions.
Q: What is the difference between open toe and close toe?
A: There is no therapeutic difference between open and closed toe socks. The choice is yours, whichever is more comfortable.
Q: What is opaque?
A: Opaque is a thicker material that provides great coverage and your skin will be far less visible. Usually worn in winter because of the thickness.
Q: What is sheer?
A: Sheer is a thinner, dressier material. Customer usually like these because they can use them as dress socks for work or church.
Q: Do I get compression at the toe area?
A: No. Compression begins at the ankle and gradually lessens as it goes up the leg. This reduces pooling in the legs and helps the veins return blood to the heart.
Q: Will a thicker material give me more support than the sheer material?
A: No. The compression provided is measured by mmHg and is the same no matter the material. The choice of material is up to you, whichever is more comfortable.
Q: If I get pantyhose will I get more compression than with a knee-hi?
A: No.
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