What are arm sleeves for?

What are arm sleeves for?
What are arm sleeves for?

Arm sleeves are a medical supply that offers compression to the arms just as compression socks or stockings do for the legs. Why would you need an arm sleeve? Let’s go over the purpose of arm sleeves and what you would use them for.

Arm Sleeves for Athletes

Arm sleeves are common among various types of athletes. Why would an athlete wear sleeves over their arms for games, competitions and workouts? The sleeves provide compression to cut down on swelling caused by some exercise and to help with recovery of the muscles. They improve blood circulation to the arms by applying gentle pressure. This improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the arms, which can help an athlete perform at their best and promote healing from intensive exercise or minor injury.

These sleeves can also provide cover from the sun or added warmth to prepare for the elements during outdoor workouts. Plus, they can protect an athlete’s skin from bumps, turf burn and other minor injury that's common with physical activity.

Arm Sleeves for Older Adults

Yet athletes aren’t the only people who choose to wear arm sleeves. They are also recommended for older adults. What is the purpose? Older adults wear them for many of the same reasons athletes do, if for a slightly different purpose. Here are some purposes of arm sleeves for older adults:

Compression for Swelling and Wellness

Similar to compression socks and stockings, arm sleeves can provide gentle compression on the upper and lower arms. You could wear them on one or both arms depending on your needs. The compression can help with swelling and the associated pain and discomfort that may come along with it.

Arm swelling tends to be edema from too much fluid that gets stuck in the body tissue, which may result from:

  • Certain medication such as high blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, steroid drugs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Too much salt in the diet
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • A health condition or disease, such as kidney damage or disease, cirrhosis, congestive heart failure or other

The compression helps with edema after the swelling reduces. A compression sleeve can help keep the arm from swelling again by applying gentle pressure that prevents the fluid from becoming trapped in the body tissue again.

It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about the causes of edema in the arms and elsewhere throughout the body. Your doctor may recommend arm sleeves as well as other treatments for your specific health situation.

Improved Blood Flow

Like athletes, older adults could benefit from the better circulation to the limbs that arm sleeves can provide. Through gentle pressure, they can improve the flow of blood with oxygen and nutrients to promote healing in the arms.

Temperature Control

Temperature and weather protection is another reason older adults may wear arm sleeves. As we age, we lose body heat faster. Yet we may also have a harder time registering the cold. These conditions can make cold weather a potential hazard. Arm sleeves give an option that can cover the arms and provide extra warmth. In hotter weather, they could instead provide protection from the sun for delicate skin.

Skin Protection

As we age, our skin naturally becomes more delicate, sensitive and injury-prone. It becomes easier for older adults to develop bruises, cuts, scrapes and other skin injuries. Also, older adults need to protect their skin from the sun and other harsh weather elements. Arm sleeves can help with all of these

Affordable Arm Sleeves

Athletes and older adults have many reasons for wearing arm sleeves. Yet the main reason is most likely for the compression and blood flow these sleeves provide, which can help reduce swelling and facilitate muscle healing. Browse our selection of reasonably priced arm sleeves for the type that would best fit your personal needs.

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