Coach Class Syndrome

Coach Class Syndrome

Compression stockings present the simplest, most efficient way to tackle Deep Vein Thrombosis

Fear of flying is among the most common phobias in our society. But what many fail to realize is that they fear flying for all of the wrong reasons-especially people with a history of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or thrombotic episodes (blood clots).

After all, the odds of being in a plane crash are minuscule, whereas fatal blot clots are far more frequent and often a direct result of flying, particularly in coach class where there is very little legroom. This syndrome, well known to the medical community as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and in layman's terms as Coach Class Syndrome, has been receiving more and more attention as of late.

While the risk is especially high for individuals with a history of heart problems and edema, it is a fact that almost anyone-even athletes in tip-top shape-are at risk of having blood clots in their legs. This risk is especially high during airplane flights due to a variety of factors including low cabin pressure, low humidity, the added risk of dehydration, and the inability to move around while flying.

Coach Class Syndrome is potentially life threatening. Blood clots form in the body's deep veins, particularly in the legs. Sometimes the clot breaks off, travels through the bloodstream, and obstructs a vessel in the lungs, restricting blood flow. This condition is called pulmonary embolism, which damages tissues and causes poor lung function.

DVT survivors may continue to have chronic swelling in their legs and pain from the blockage of blood flow through the affected vein. This can reduce their ability to live a full, active life. People who have suffered even one DVT episode are also more likely to have more episodes in the future.

The good news is that Coach Class Syndrome is easily prevented, simply by wearing compression stockings. The American Heart Association recently published a series of studies that show that wearing compression stockings minimizes the risk of developing DVT, even during long flights. By putting pressure on leg muscles and helping to return blood flow from the legs to the heart, these stockings are nothing less than lifesavers for countless flyers each year.

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