Jobst Stocking Donner

Jobst Stocking Donner
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The Jobst Stocking donner is designed to aid in the application of Vascular Stockings.  Its compact size and weight make it ideal for stocking application, travel and storage

  • *Foam grip handles
  • *Compact size
  • *Lightweight
  • *Durable epoxy finish provides smooth "no snag" surface
  • *Accepts most styles of Jobst Vascular stockings

    Jobst Item 110913

  • Item IS NON Refundable NON Returnable

    Stocking application aid Designed for easy, "step-in" application of all compression hose without twisting or bunching.
    Use Rubber gloves to help even more !
    Jobst Stocking Donner
    1. Place your Jobst compression stocking inside the semi-circle frame and pull the top of the stocking down over the semi-circle.
    The heel of the stocking must face the back of your Jobst Stocking Donner.

    2. Continue to slide the stocking down over the semi-circle until the heel is centered and even with the top of the semi-circle. (It may be necessary to pull the heel farther down depending on foot and stocking size.)

    3. While sitting, insert your foot into the stocking until your foot is completely on the floor.Helpful tip: hold the heel pocket against the frame as you slide your toes into the stocking.

    4. Grasp the padded handles and gently pull the Jobst Stocking Donner and stocking up the leg until the stocking is above the calf. Try not to over-stretch the stocking.

    5. Pull the Jobst Stocking Donner backward and down free of the stocking.

    6. Be sure the heel of the stocking is properly placed on the foot, then adjust the length and smooth out any wrinkles by stroking and smoothing with the palm of your hand.Thigh and waist high stockings can also be donned using your

    Jobst Stocking Donner with the lower leg applied in the same manner as a knee length and then pull the remaining portion into place by hand.

    Washing instructions

    Size Chart


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    Rated 4 by
    I wish I would get it a long time ago ! It is much easier to put on the stockings. It works great !
    Rated 5 by
    Rated 5 by
    Rated 5 by
    I ordered the stocking donner because I was having surgery to laser and remove veins in my legs. I have to wear 20-30 mmHG hose for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. I have back issues so I thought this would be great help. It would have been but was too tight on my calf when I was only half way up. The description does not give a calf measurement. I had considered ordering the "BIG" version but didn't. Now I'm stuck with it because they are non-returnable.
    Rated 5 by
    So pleased to use the Jobst Hose Donner. It makes a difficult task much easier!!
    Rated 3 by
    I could not get the pantyhose to stay. Every time I started to put a foot in I ended up knocking off the stocking. I finally learned how to just put them on like regular pantyhose. It takes a while but I don't get as frustrated.
    Rated 5 by
    I tried to put on socks without the donor no way It took a three tries to get sock just right on the donor. Then It just slipped on like butter. Great tool and the socks are a great fit. I do not dread putting these on every morning. Thank you for a great product. William Service
    Rated 1 by
    I ordered the donner to help my mother with her compression stockings. But the stockings she wears are over the knee and up to the thigh. the video only shows the over the calf stockings. My mother can put the stockings on without the donner, but she does struggle a bit, and I had hoped the donner would make the process easier. But with the extra, compression fabric, it is extremely difficult to get the stocking on the device and simply not worth the effort. It would have been a good idea if someone had mentioned that the longer the stocking, the more difficult it is to use the donner (but then you would not have made a sale!). Since the device is non returnable...I am stuck with a useless metal frame....
    Rated 5 by
    The service I received was excellent. I can't get out because I can't walk and I depend on the internet for all my needs, this is the second time I used this company and will continue to do so. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Rated 5 by
    I was struggling putting on the compression stockings. Even had to ask my husband and he struggled. Then we were told about the Donor (or what we call 'The Butler') This thing helps us out tremendously. Though I still can't use it by myself, it helps so much to have this tool. I truly recommend this to anyone struggling getting these wonderful fashion statement stockings on.

    Q & A

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    Questions that are on Your Mind
    Q: Can you help me with sizing?
    A: You can view the size chart here: size chart
    You will need accurate measurements, so first learn how to measure.
    Q: What is compression? What is the difference in compression?
    A: You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.
    Q: What does mmHg mean?
    A: mmhg stands for "millimeter of mercury", a way to measure pressure. The higher the number, the tighter the garment will squeeze and the more compression it provides.
    Q: How can we wash the garments? And with which soap or detergent?
    A: We recommend to hand wash in warm water and air dry. You can use mild soup of the washing solution that we provide such as the jobst jolastic, hosiery mate washing solution, sigvaris liquid washing solution etc. See our full washing instructions.
    Q: What is the difference between open toe and close toe?
    A: There is no therapeutic difference between open and closed toe socks. The choice is yours, whichever is more comfortable.
    Q: What is opaque?
    A: Opaque is a thicker material that provides great coverage and your skin will be far less visible. Usually worn in winter because of the thickness.
    Q: What is sheer?
    A: Sheer is a thinner, dressier material. Customer usually like these because they can use them as dress socks for work or church.
    Q: Do I get compression at the toe area?
    A: No. Compression begins at the ankle and gradually lessens as it goes up the leg. This reduces pooling in the legs and helps the veins return blood to the heart.
    Q: Will a thicker material give me more support than the sheer material?
    A: No. The compression provided is measured by mmHg and is the same no matter the material. The choice of material is up to you, whichever is more comfortable.
    Q: If I get pantyhose will I get more compression than with a knee-hi?
    A: No.