Customer Reviews for Juzo Dynamic Model 3513AD - Knee High 40-50mmHg

Juzo Dynamic Model 3513AD -  Knee High 40-50mmHg
Model 3513AD
by Juzo
$65.59 per pair
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Available in the following SKUs

3513AD I Regular I Beige Open Toe
3513AD II Regular II Beige Open Toe
3513AD III Regular III Beige Open Toe
3513AD IV Regular IV Beige Open Toe
3513AD V Regular V Beige Open Toe
3513AD VI Regular VI Beige Open Toe
3513AD06I Regular I White Open Toe
3513AD06II Regular II White Open Toe
3513AD06III Regular III White Open Toe
3513AD06IV Regular IV White Open Toe
3513AD06V Regular V White Open Toe
3513AD06VI Regular VI White Open Toe
3513AD10I Regular I Black Open Toe
3513AD10II Regular II Black Open Toe
3513AD10III Regular III Black Open Toe
3513AD10IV Regular IV Black Open Toe
3513AD10V Regular V Black Open Toe
3513AD10VI Regular VI Black Open Toe
3513AD43I Regular I Pink Open Toe
3513AD43II Regular II Pink Open Toe
3513AD43III Regular III Pink Open Toe
3513AD43IV Regular IV Pink Open Toe
3513AD43V Regular V Pink Open Toe
3513AD43VI Regular VI Pink Open Toe
3513AD53I Regular I Chocolate Open Toe
3513AD53II Regular II Chocolate Open Toe
3513AD53III Regular III Chocolate Open Toe
3513AD53IV Regular IV Chocolate Open Toe
3513AD53V Regular V Chocolate Open Toe
3513AD53VI Regular VI Chocolate Open Toe
3513AD57I Regular I Cinnamon Open Toe
3513AD57II Regular II Cinnamon Open Toe
3513AD57III Regular III Cinnamon Open Toe
3513AD57IV Regular IV Cinnamon Open Toe
3513AD57V Regular V Cinnamon Open Toe
3513AD57VI Regular VI Cinnamon Open Toe
3513ADFF I Regular I Beige Full Foot
3513ADFF II Regular II Beige Full Foot
3513ADFF III Regular III Beige Full Foot
3513ADFF IV Regular IV Beige Full Foot
3513ADFF V Regular V Beige Full Foot
3513ADFF VI Regular VI Beige Full Foot
3513ADFF06I Regular I White Full Foot
3513ADFF06II Regular II White Full Foot
3513ADFF06III Regular III White Full Foot
3513ADFF06IV Regular IV White Full Foot
3513ADFF06V Regular V White Full Foot
3513ADFF06VI Regular VI White Full Foot
3513ADFF10I Regular I Black Full Foot
3513ADFF10II Regular II Black Full Foot
3513ADFF10III Regular III Black Full Foot
3513ADFF10IV Regular IV Black Full Foot
3513ADFF10V Regular V Black Full Foot
3513ADFF10VI Regular VI Black Full Foot
3513ADFF43I Regular I Pink Full Foot
3513ADFF43II Regular II Pink Full Foot
3513ADFF43III Regular III Pink Full Foot
3513ADFF43IV Regular IV Pink Full Foot
3513ADFF43V Regular V Pink Full Foot
3513ADFF43VI Regular VI Pink Full Foot
3513ADFF53I Regular I Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFF53II Regular II Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFF53III Regular III Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFF53IV Regular IV Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFF53V Regular V Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFF53VI Regular VI Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFF57I Regular I Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFF57II Regular II Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFF57III Regular III Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFF57IV Regular IV Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFF57V Regular V Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFF57VI Regular VI Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFFSH I Short I Beige Full Foot
3513ADFFSH II Short II Beige Full Foot
3513ADFFSH III Short III Beige Full Foot
3513ADFFSH IV Short IV Beige Full Foot
3513ADFFSH V Short V Beige Full Foot
3513ADFFSH VI Short VI Beige Full Foot
3513ADFFSH06I Short I White Full Foot
3513ADFFSH06II Short II White Full Foot
3513ADFFSH06III Short III White Full Foot
3513ADFFSH06IV Short IV White Full Foot
3513ADFFSH06V Short V White Full Foot
3513ADFFSH06VI Short VI White Full Foot
3513ADFFSH10I Short I Black Full Foot
3513ADFFSH10II Short II Black Full Foot
3513ADFFSH10III Short III Black Full Foot
3513ADFFSH10IV Short IV Black Full Foot
3513ADFFSH10V Short V Black Full Foot
3513ADFFSH10VI Short VI Black Full Foot
3513ADFFSH43I Short I Pink Full Foot
3513ADFFSH43II Short II Pink Full Foot
3513ADFFSH43III Short III Pink Full Foot
3513ADFFSH43IV Short IV Pink Full Foot
3513ADFFSH43V Short V Pink Full Foot
3513ADFFSH43VI Short VI Pink Full Foot
3513ADFFSH53I Short I Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFFSH53II Short II Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFFSH53III Short III Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFFSH53IV Short IV Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFFSH53V Short V Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFFSH53VI Short VI Chocolate Full Foot
3513ADFFSH57I Short I Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFFSH57II Short II Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFFSH57III Short III Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFFSH57IV Short IV Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFFSH57V Short V Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADFFSH57VI Short VI Cinnamon Full Foot
3513ADSH I Short I Beige Open Toe
3513ADSH II Short II Beige Open Toe
3513ADSH III Short III Beige Open Toe
3513ADSH IV Short IV Beige Open Toe
3513ADSH V Short V Beige Open Toe
3513ADSH VI Short VI Beige Open Toe
3513ADSH06I Short I White Open Toe
3513ADSH06II Short II White Open Toe
3513ADSH06III Short III White Open Toe
3513ADSH06IV Short IV White Open Toe
3513ADSH06V Short V White Open Toe
3513ADSH06VI Short VI White Open Toe
3513ADSH10I Short I Black Open Toe
3513ADSH10II Short II Black Open Toe
3513ADSH10III Short III Black Open Toe
3513ADSH10IV Short IV Black Open Toe
3513ADSH10V Short V Black Open Toe
3513ADSH10VI Short VI Black Open Toe
3513ADSH43I Short I Pink Open Toe
3513ADSH43II Short II Pink Open Toe
3513ADSH43III Short III Pink Open Toe
3513ADSH43IV Short IV Pink Open Toe
3513ADSH43V Short V Pink Open Toe
3513ADSH43VI Short VI Pink Open Toe
3513ADSH53I Short I Chocolate Open Toe
3513ADSH53II Short II Chocolate Open Toe
3513ADSH53III Short III Chocolate Open Toe
3513ADSH53IV Short IV Chocolate Open Toe
3513ADSH53V Short V Chocolate Open Toe
3513ADSH53VI Short VI Chocolate Open Toe
3513ADSH57I Short I Cinnamon Open Toe
3513ADSH57II Short II Cinnamon Open Toe
3513ADSH57III Short III Cinnamon Open Toe
3513ADSH57IV Short IV Cinnamon Open Toe
3513ADSH57V Short V Cinnamon Open Toe
3513ADSH57VI Short VI Cinnamon Open Toe
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Reviewed by on Thursday, March 23, 2017
Keep UP your business... thanks..
Reviewed by in Hartford, CT on Sunday, January 8, 2017
well constructed garments
I've been wearing Juzo Stockings for many years. The integrity of Juzo garments is excellent and hold up well. A simple wash and allowing them to dry without the assistance of a dryer, keeps them doing their job. I couldn't function without my Juzo's.....
Reviewed by in West Winfield, NYC on Thursday, August 7, 2014
Exactly right
The stockings were exactly what I was looking for. I previously purchased them from a hospital supply facility and they were more expensive. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Reviewed by on Thursday, May 22, 2014
Juzo Dynamic Model Support Stockings
Juzo stockings are better for those requiring more support than 40mm strength.
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