Customer Reviews for Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100AD - Knee High 15-20mmHg

Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100AD - Knee High 15-20mmHg
Model 2100AD
by Juzo
$39.19 per pair
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Available in the following SKUs

2100AD10 I Regular I Black Open Toe
2100AD10 II Regular II Black Open Toe
2100AD10 III Regular III Black Open Toe
2100AD10 IV Regular IV Black Open Toe
2100AD10 V Regular V Black Open Toe
2100AD14 I Regular I Beige Open Toe
2100AD14 II Regular II Beige Open Toe
2100AD14 III Regular III Beige Open Toe
2100AD14 IV Regular IV Beige Open Toe
2100AD14 V Regular V Beige Open Toe
2100AD53 I Regular I Chocolate Open Toe
2100AD53 II Regular II Chocolate Open Toe
2100AD53 III Regular III Chocolate Open Toe
2100AD53 IV Regular IV Chocolate Open Toe
2100AD53 V Regular V Chocolate Open Toe
2100AD57 I Regular I Cinnamon Open Toe
2100AD57 II Regular II Cinnamon Open Toe
2100AD57 III Regular III Cinnamon Open Toe
2100AD57 IV Regular IV Cinnamon Open Toe
2100AD57 V Regular V Cinnamon Open Toe
2100AD59 I Regular I Vanilla Open Toe
2100AD59 II Regular II Vanilla Open Toe
2100AD59 III Regular III Vanilla Open Toe
2100AD59 IV Regular IV Vanilla Open Toe
2100AD59 V Regular V Vanilla Open Toe
2100ADFF10 I Regular I Black Full Foot
2100ADFF10 II Regular II Black Full Foot
2100ADFF10 III Regular III Black Full Foot
2100ADFF10 IV Regular IV Black Full Foot
2100ADFF10 V Regular V Black Full Foot
2100ADFF14 I Regular I Beige Full Foot
2100ADFF14 II Regular II Beige Full Foot
2100ADFF14 III Regular III Beige Full Foot
2100ADFF14 IV Regular IV Beige Full Foot
2100ADFF14 V Regular V Beige Full Foot
2100ADFF53 I Regular I Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFF53 II Regular II Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFF53 III Regular III Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFF53 IV Regular IV Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFF53 V Regular V Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFF57 I Regular I Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFF57 II Regular II Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFF57 III Regular III Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFF57 IV Regular IV Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFF57 V Regular V Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFF59 I Regular I Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFF59 II Regular II Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFF59 III Regular III Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFF59 IV Regular IV Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFF59 V Regular V Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFFSH10 I Short I Black Full Foot
2100ADFFSH10 II Short II Black Full Foot
2100ADFFSH10 III Short III Black Full Foot
2100ADFFSH10 IV Short IV Black Full Foot
2100ADFFSH10 V Short V Black Full Foot
2100ADFFSH14 I Short I Beige Full Foot
2100ADFFSH14 II Short II Beige Full Foot
2100ADFFSH14 III Short III Beige Full Foot
2100ADFFSH14 IV Short IV Beige Full Foot
2100ADFFSH14 V Short V Beige Full Foot
2100ADFFSH53 I Short I Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFFSH53 II Short II Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFFSH53 III Short III Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFFSH53 IV Short IV Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFFSH53 V Short V Chocolate Full Foot
2100ADFFSH57 I Short I Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFFSH57 II Short II Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFFSH57 III Short III Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFFSH57 IV Short IV Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFFSH57 V Short V Cinnamon Full Foot
2100ADFFSH59 I Short I Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFFSH59 II Short II Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFFSH59 III Short III Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFFSH59 IV Short IV Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADFFSH59 V Short V Vanilla Full Foot
2100ADSH10 I Short I Black Open Toe
2100ADSH10 II Short II Black Open Toe
2100ADSH10 III Short III Black Open Toe
2100ADSH10 IV Short IV Black Open Toe
2100ADSH10 V Short V Black Open Toe
2100ADSH14 I Short I Beige Open Toe
2100ADSH14 II Short II Beige Open Toe
2100ADSH14 III Short III Beige Open Toe
2100ADSH14 IV Short IV Beige Open Toe
2100ADSH14 V Short V Beige Open Toe
2100ADSH53 I Short I Chocolate Open Toe
2100ADSH53 II Short II Chocolate Open Toe
2100ADSH53 III Short III Chocolate Open Toe
2100ADSH53 IV Short IV Chocolate Open Toe
2100ADSH53 V Short V Chocolate Open Toe
2100ADSH57 I Short I Cinnamon Open Toe
2100ADSH57 II Short II Cinnamon Open Toe
2100ADSH57 III Short III Cinnamon Open Toe
2100ADSH57 IV Short IV Cinnamon Open Toe
2100ADSH57 V Short V Cinnamon Open Toe
2100ADSH59 I Short I Vanilla Open Toe
2100ADSH59 II Short II Vanilla Open Toe
2100ADSH59 III Short III Vanilla Open Toe
2100ADSH59 IV Short IV Vanilla Open Toe
2100ADSH59 V Short V Vanilla Open Toe
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Reviewed by in NC on Monday, May 5, 2014
Too big in foot and ankle
These stockings fit in the calf but are too large in the foot and ankle. The length of the foot is okay; however, the depth of the foot allows for fluid accumulation on the top of the foot and around the ankle.
Reviewed by on Sunday, May 13, 2012
Good fit, very comfy
These stocking fit just right. They are easy to put on and not too tight. The fabric is nice and smooth and washes easily. I have no issues with them slipping down through out the day. I would definately recommend these stockings.
Reviewed by in Statesboro, Georgia on Saturday, September 10, 2011
You will like!
Very nice supportive stockings. I will order these stockings again.
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