Customer Reviews for Juzo Naturally Sheer 2101AD - Knee High 20-30mmHg

Juzo Naturally Sheer 2101AD - Knee High 20-30mmHg
Model 2101AD
by Juzo
$65.59 per pair
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Available in the following SKUs

2101AD10 I Regular I Black Open Toe
2101AD10 II Regular II Black Open Toe
2101AD10 III Regular III Black Open Toe
2101AD10 IV Regular IV Black Open Toe
2101AD10 V Regular V Black Open Toe
2101AD14 I Regular I Beige Open Toe
2101AD14 II Regular II Beige Open Toe
2101AD14 III Regular III Beige Open Toe
2101AD14 IV Regular IV Beige Open Toe
2101AD14 V Regular V Beige Open Toe
2101AD53 I Regular I Chocolate Open Toe
2101AD53 II Regular II Chocolate Open Toe
2101AD53 III Regular III Chocolate Open Toe
2101AD53 IV Regular IV Chocolate Open Toe
2101AD53 V Regular V Chocolate Open Toe
2101AD57 I Regular I Cinnamon Open Toe
2101AD57 II Regular II Cinnamon Open Toe
2101AD57 III Regular III Cinnamon Open Toe
2101AD57 IV Regular IV Cinnamon Open Toe
2101AD57 V Regular V Cinnamon Open Toe
2101AD59 I Regular I Vanilla Open Toe
2101AD59 II Regular II Vanilla Open Toe
2101AD59 III Regular III Vanilla Open Toe
2101AD59 IV Regular IV Vanilla Open Toe
2101AD59 V Regular V Vanilla Open Toe
2101ADFF10 I Regular I Black Full Foot
2101ADFF10 II Regular II Black Full Foot
2101ADFF10 III Regular III Black Full Foot
2101ADFF10 IV Regular IV Black Full Foot
2101ADFF10 V Regular V Black Full Foot
2101ADFF14 I Regular I Beige Full Foot
2101ADFF14 II Regular II Beige Full Foot
2101ADFF14 III Regular III Beige Full Foot
2101ADFF14 IV Regular IV Beige Full Foot
2101ADFF14 V Regular V Beige Full Foot
2101ADFF53 I Regular I Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFF53 II Regular II Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFF53 III Regular III Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFF53 IV Regular IV Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFF53 V Regular V Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFF57 I Regular I Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFF57 II Regular II Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFF57 III Regular III Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFF57 IV Regular IV Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFF57 V Regular V Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFF59 I Regular I Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFF59 II Regular II Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFF59 III Regular III Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFF59 IV Regular IV Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFF59 V Regular V Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFFSH10 I Short I Black Full Foot
2101ADFFSH10 II Short II Black Full Foot
2101ADFFSH10 III Short III Black Full Foot
2101ADFFSH10 IV Short IV Black Full Foot
2101ADFFSH10 V Short V Black Full Foot
2101ADFFSH14 I Short I Beige Full Foot
2101ADFFSH14 II Short II Beige Full Foot
2101ADFFSH14 III Short III Beige Full Foot
2101ADFFSH14 IV Short IV Beige Full Foot
2101ADFFSH14 V Short V Beige Full Foot
2101ADFFSH53 I Short I Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFFSH53 II Short II Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFFSH53 III Short III Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFFSH53 IV Short IV Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFFSH53 V Short V Chocolate Full Foot
2101ADFFSH57 I Short I Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFFSH57 II Short II Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFFSH57 III Short III Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFFSH57 IV Short IV Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFFSH57 V Short V Cinnamon Full Foot
2101ADFFSH59 I Short I Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFFSH59 II Short II Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFFSH59 III Short III Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFFSH59 IV Short IV Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADFFSH59 V Short V Vanilla Full Foot
2101ADSH10 I Short I Black Open Toe
2101ADSH10 II Short II Black Open Toe
2101ADSH10 III Short III Black Open Toe
2101ADSH10 IV Short IV Black Open Toe
2101ADSH10 V Short V Black Open Toe
2101ADSH14 I Short I Beige Open Toe
2101ADSH14 II Short II Beige Open Toe
2101ADSH14 III Short III Beige Open Toe
2101ADSH14 IV Short IV Beige Open Toe
2101ADSH14 V Short V Beige Open Toe
2101ADSH53 I Short I Chocolate Open Toe
2101ADSH53 II Short II Chocolate Open Toe
2101ADSH53 III Short III Chocolate Open Toe
2101ADSH53 IV Short IV Chocolate Open Toe
2101ADSH53 V Short V Chocolate Open Toe
2101ADSH57 I Short I Cinnamon Open Toe
2101ADSH57 II Short II Cinnamon Open Toe
2101ADSH57 III Short III Cinnamon Open Toe
2101ADSH57 IV Short IV Cinnamon Open Toe
2101ADSH57 V Short V Cinnamon Open Toe
2101ADSH59 I Short I Vanilla Open Toe
2101ADSH59 II Short II Vanilla Open Toe
2101ADSH59 III Short III Vanilla Open Toe
2101ADSH59 IV Short IV Vanilla Open Toe
2101ADSH59 V Short V Vanilla Open Toe
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Reviewed by in The Villages, Fl. on Saturday, February 4, 2017
The top started to unravel after about 3 uses and had to be reattached. This area needs to be better reinforced and stitched better.
Reviewed by in Mt. Laurel NJ 08054 on Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Good quality as always
I iove the fit, quality, and comfort of these stockings but I must say the color is not the beige I am used to receiving. Juno needs to keep a lighter beige or nude in stock year round.
Reviewed by in NJ on Thursday, July 16, 2015
Finally found a comfortable fitting pair of compression hose. Try a pair-you won't regret it! Only suggestion-more colors, especially a lighter beige.
Reviewed by in Honolulu, Hi on Saturday, September 7, 2013
About me: retired
Juzo naturally sheer
Lighter and not as hot as the soft juzo I usually wear. Great for warm weather areas. Toe is a bit boxy and length is slightly longer than other stles. Overall a good stocking.
Reviewed by in Hawaii on Thursday, June 28, 2012
Juzo Sheers
Love the lightness and coolness compared to the soft which I usually wear. However, they are a bit longer in the fit, so end up either binching at the ankles or rolling down at the knees because of the length, eventhough I ordered the same size. DSS actually called Juzo for me to find out why, and was told it's just a different style. HOORAY for DSS for going the extra mile! If anyone has tried a different sheer with good results, would appreciate the info.
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