Customer Reviews for Juzo Soft 2001CGSB Arm Sleeve 20-30 With Silicone Border

Juzo Soft 2001CGSB Arm Sleeve 20-30 With Silicone Border
Model 2001CGSB
by Juzo
$60.79 each
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Available in the following SKUs

2001CGLSB I Long Regular I Beige
2001CGLSB II Long Regular II Beige
2001CGLSB III Long Regular III Beige
2001CGLSB IV Long Regular IV Beige
2001CGLSB V Long Regular V Beige
2001CGLSB VI Long Regular VI Beige
2001CGLSB06 I Long Regular I White
2001CGLSB06 II Long Regular II White
2001CGLSB06 III Long Regular III White
2001CGLSB06 IV Long Regular IV White
2001CGLSB06 V Long Regular V White
2001CGLSB06 VI Long Regular VI White
2001CGLSB10 I Long Regular I Black
2001CGLSB10 II Long Regular II Black
2001CGLSB10 III Long Regular III Black
2001CGLSB10 IV Long Regular IV Black
2001CGLSB10 V Long Regular V Black
2001CGLSB10 VI Long Regular VI Black
2001CGLSB23 I Long Regular I Chestnut
2001CGLSB23 II Long Regular II Chestnut
2001CGLSB23 III Long Regular III Chestnut
2001CGLSB23 IV Long Regular IV Chestnut
2001CGLSB23 V Long Regular V Chestnut
2001CGLSB23 VI Long Regular VI Chestnut
2001CGLSB43 I Long Regular I Pink
2001CGLSB43 II Long Regular II Pink
2001CGLSB43 III Long Regular III Pink
2001CGLSB43 IV Long Regular IV Pink
2001CGLSB43 V Long Regular V Pink
2001CGLSB43 VI Long Regular VI Pink
2001CGLSB53 I Long Regular I Chocolate
2001CGLSB53 II Long Regular II Chocolate
2001CGLSB53 III Long Regular III Chocolate
2001CGLSB53 IV Long Regular IV Chocolate
2001CGLSB53 V Long Regular V Chocolate
2001CGLSB53 VI Long Regular VI Chocolate
2001CGLSB57 I Long Regular I Cinnamon
2001CGLSB57 II Long Regular II Cinnamon
2001CGLSB57 III Long Regular III Cinnamon
2001CGLSB57 IV Long Regular IV Cinnamon
2001CGLSB57 V Long Regular V Cinnamon
2001CGLSB57 VI Long Regular VI Cinnamon
2001CGRSB I Regular Regular I Beige
2001CGRSB II Regular Regular II Beige
2001CGRSB III Regular Regular III Beige
2001CGRSB IV Regular Regular IV Beige
2001CGRSB V Regular Regular V Beige
2001CGRSB VI Regular Regular VI Beige
2001CGRSB06 I Regular Regular I White
2001CGRSB06 II Regular Regular II White
2001CGRSB06 III Regular Regular III White
2001CGRSB06 IV Regular Regular IV White
2001CGRSB06 V Regular Regular V White
2001CGRSB06 VI Regular Regular VI White
2001CGRSB10 I Regular Regular I Black
2001CGRSB10 II Regular Regular II Black
2001CGRSB10 III Regular Regular III Black
2001CGRSB10 IV Regular Regular IV Black
2001CGRSB10 V Regular Regular V Black
2001CGRSB10 VI Regular Regular VI Black
2001CGRSB23 I Regular Regular I Chestnut
2001CGRSB23 II Regular Regular II Chestnut
2001CGRSB23 III Regular Regular III Chestnut
2001CGRSB23 IV Regular Regular IV Chestnut
2001CGRSB23 V Regular Regular V Chestnut
2001CGRSB23 VI Regular Regular VI Chestnut
2001CGRSB43 I Regular Regular I Pink
2001CGRSB43 II Regular Regular II Pink
2001CGRSB43 III Regular Regular III Pink
2001CGRSB43 IV Regular Regular IV Pink
2001CGRSB43 V Regular Regular V Pink
2001CGRSB43 VI Regular Regular VI Pink
2001CGRSB53 I Regular Regular I Chocolate
2001CGRSB53 II Regular Regular II Chocolate
2001CGRSB53 III Regular Regular III Chocolate
2001CGRSB53 IV Regular Regular IV Chocolate
2001CGRSB53 V Regular Regular V Chocolate
2001CGRSB53 VI Regular Regular VI Chocolate
2001CGRSB57 I Regular Regular I Cinnamon
2001CGRSB57 II Regular Regular II Cinnamon
2001CGRSB57 III Regular Regular III Cinnamon
2001CGRSB57 IV Regular Regular IV Cinnamon
2001CGRSB57 V Regular Regular V Cinnamon
2001CGRSB57 VI Regular Regular VI Cinnamon
2001MXCGLSB I Long Max I Beige
2001MXCGLSB II Long Max II Beige
2001MXCGLSB III Long Max III Beige
2001MXCGLSB IV Long Max IV Beige
2001MXCGLSB V Long Max V Beige
2001MXCGLSB VI Long Max VI Beige
2001MXCGLSB06 I Long Max I White
2001MXCGLSB06 II Long Max II White
2001MXCGLSB06 III Long Max III White
2001MXCGLSB06 IV Long Max IV White
2001MXCGLSB06 V Long Max V White
2001MXCGLSB06 VI Long Max VI White
2001MXCGLSB10 I Long Max I Black
2001MXCGLSB10 II Long Max II Black
2001MXCGLSB10 III Long Max III Black
2001MXCGLSB10 IV Long Max IV Black
2001MXCGLSB10 V Long Max V Black
2001MXCGLSB10 VI Long Max VI Black
2001MXCGLSB23 I Long Max I Chestnut
2001MXCGLSB23 II Long Max II Chestnut
2001MXCGLSB23 III Long Max III Chestnut
2001MXCGLSB23 IV Long Max IV Chestnut
2001MXCGLSB23 V Long Max V Chestnut
2001MXCGLSB23 VI Long Max VI Chestnut
2001MXCGLSB43 I Long Max I Pink
2001MXCGLSB43 II Long Max II Pink
2001MXCGLSB43 III Long Max III Pink
2001MXCGLSB43 IV Long Max IV Pink
2001MXCGLSB43 V Long Max V Pink
2001MXCGLSB43 VI Long Max VI Pink
2001MXCGLSB53 I Long Max I Chocolate
2001MXCGLSB53 II Long Max II Chocolate
2001MXCGLSB53 III Long Max III Chocolate
2001MXCGLSB53 IV Long Max IV Chocolate
2001MXCGLSB53 V Long Max V Chocolate
2001MXCGLSB53 VI Long Max VI Chocolate
2001MXCGLSB57 I Long Max I Cinnamon
2001MXCGLSB57 II Long Max II Cinnamon
2001MXCGLSB57 III Long Max III Cinnamon
2001MXCGLSB57 IV Long Max IV Cinnamon
2001MXCGLSB57 V Long Max V Cinnamon
2001MXCGLSB57 VI Long Max VI Cinnamon
2001MXCGRSB I Regular Max I Beige
2001MXCGRSB II Regular Max II Beige
2001MXCGRSB III Regular Max III Beige
2001MXCGRSB IV Regular Max IV Beige
2001MXCGRSB V Regular Max V Beige
2001MXCGRSB VI Regular Max VI Beige
2001MXCGRSB06 I Regular Max I White
2001MXCGRSB06 II Regular Max II White
2001MXCGRSB06 III Regular Max III White
2001MXCGRSB06 IV Regular Max IV White
2001MXCGRSB06 V Regular Max V White
2001MXCGRSB06 VI Regular Max VI White
2001MXCGRSB10 I Regular Max I Black
2001MXCGRSB10 II Regular Max II Black
2001MXCGRSB10 III Regular Max III Black
2001MXCGRSB10 IV Regular Max IV Black
2001MXCGRSB10 V Regular Max V Black
2001MXCGRSB10 VI Regular Max VI Black
2001MXCGRSB23 I Regular Max I Chestnut
2001MXCGRSB23 II Regular Max II Chestnut
2001MXCGRSB23 III Regular Max III Chestnut
2001MXCGRSB23 IV Regular Max IV Chestnut
2001MXCGRSB23 V Regular Max V Chestnut
2001MXCGRSB23 VI Regular Max VI Chestnut
2001MXCGRSB43 I Regular Max I Pink
2001MXCGRSB43 II Regular Max II Pink
2001MXCGRSB43 III Regular Max III Pink
2001MXCGRSB43 IV Regular Max IV Pink
2001MXCGRSB43 V Regular Max V Pink
2001MXCGRSB43 VI Regular Max VI Pink
2001MXCGRSB53 I Regular Max I Chocolate
2001MXCGRSB53 II Regular Max II Chocolate
2001MXCGRSB53 III Regular Max III Chocolate
2001MXCGRSB53 IV Regular Max IV Chocolate
2001MXCGRSB53 V Regular Max V Chocolate
2001MXCGRSB53 VI Regular Max VI Chocolate
2001MXCGRSB57 I Regular Max I Cinnamon
2001MXCGRSB57 II Regular Max II Cinnamon
2001MXCGRSB57 III Regular Max III Cinnamon
2001MXCGRSB57 IV Regular Max IV Cinnamon
2001MXCGRSB57 V Regular Max V Cinnamon
2001MXCGRSB57 VI Regular Max VI Cinnamon
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Reviewed by in CA on Sunday, April 22, 2018
About me: 88 years old with Lymphodema.
Juzo forMen
This Juzo has extra length and fits perfectly. Covers the entire arm. easy to put on and off.
Reviewed by in Melbourne, FL on Friday, December 22, 2017
As always, prompt receipt of order
Due to lymphedema resulting from cancer surgery, I wear compression sleeves every day. I buy two per year, at the end of every year. I like the Juzo sleeve the best, and Discount Surgical has good prices and ships promptly. The only other thing I could ask for is that I didn't need the sleeves at all!
Reviewed by in Michigan on Wednesday, August 23, 2017
About me: Retired and active
This sleeve did not disappoint me. It fit perfectly. Arrived quickly. I will diffidently order these again..
Reviewed by in Farmington NM on Sunday, September 27, 2015
My order
I am very happy with my order from Discount Surgical.
Reviewed by in Naples, Florida on Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Stretchy, easy to put on/ take off
It's soft and comfortable. I ordered long, which is really long; so if you're not sure, go with regular. I might get the 30-40 compression next time because it doesn't feel as tight as my sleeves usually feel. Who knows, maybe it doesn't need to feel that tight. Satisfied with product and will order again.
Reviewed by in california on Wednesday, January 14, 2015
About me: Retired
Juzo Sleeve helps my Lymphedema.
i use this arm sleeve to help control my Lymph Edema in my left arm due to Breast Cancer. It helps keep my arm from retaining too much fluid.
Reviewed by in North West Florida on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Juzo arm sleeves with the silicone grips at the top are very comfortable.
I have four pairs of Juzo sleeves and I really like how they fit and feel. If you must wear a compression sleeve then it is a must that you wear one that is comfortable and stays up on your arm without slipping off the upper section of your arm. The silicone keeps your sleeve in place and feels comfortable against your skin. I recommend Juzo products to anyone needing a compression garment to stay healthy.
Reviewed by in Cold Country on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
About me: Active
Cinnamon better than Biege
I have buying these for 3 years, the biege color ones are not of the same quality of the cinnamon colred ones, why I do not know. The beige wore out, lost the tightness in one month. I will not waste my money on the beige ones again. Shipping is not the fastest but they do arrive. Sorry if you have lymphedema.
Reviewed by in Florida on Friday, January 2, 2015
About me: Husband of Judith King
Great source for Juzo sleeve
We order sleeves from Discount Surgical because of pricing, recommended by therapist. There was a problem with our last order which was quickly resolved to our satisfaction and we received another 10% discount on top of the one we were already getting.
Reviewed by in Daytona Beach on Sunday, July 13, 2014
Easier than going to a store
I got the size I needed from my physical therapist, who also provided some local stores (30 miles away) . Buying this at Discount Surgical Supplies, online was easier and cheaper than driving to a store. The online store provided the tracking data, so I could 'see' where my purchase was during shipping. No regrets.
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