Customer Reviews for Juzo Soft 2002CGSB Arm Sleeve 30-40mmHg With Silicone Border

Juzo Soft 2002CGSB Arm Sleeve 30-40mmHg With Silicone Border
Model 2002CGSB
by Juzo
$60.79 each
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2002CGLSB I Long I Regular Beige
2002CGLSB II Long II Regular Beige
2002CGLSB III Long III Regular Beige
2002CGLSB IV Long IV Regular Beige
2002CGLSB V Long V Regular Beige
2002CGLSB06 I Long I Regular White
2002CGLSB06 II Long II Regular White
2002CGLSB06 III Long III Regular White
2002CGLSB06 IV Long IV Regular White
2002CGLSB06 V Long V Regular White
2002CGLSB10 I Long I Regular Black
2002CGLSB10 II Long II Regular Black
2002CGLSB10 III Long III Regular Black
2002CGLSB10 IV Long IV Regular Black
2002CGLSB10 V Long V Regular Black
2002CGLSB23 I Long I Regular Chestnut
2002CGLSB23 II Long II Regular Chestnut
2002CGLSB23 III Long III Regular Chestnut
2002CGLSB23 IV Long IV Regular Chestnut
2002CGLSB23 V Long V Regular Chestnut
2002CGLSB43 I Long I Regular Pink
2002CGLSB43 II Long II Regular Pink
2002CGLSB43 III Long III Regular Pink
2002CGLSB43 IV Long IV Regular Pink
2002CGLSB43 V Long V Regular Pink
2002CGLSB53 I Long I Regular Chocolate
2002CGLSB53 II Long II Regular Chocolate
2002CGLSB53 III Long III Regular Chocolate
2002CGLSB53 IV Long IV Regular Chocolate
2002CGLSB53 V Long V Regular Chocolate
2002CGLSB57 I Long I Regular Cinnamon
2002CGLSB57 II Long II Regular Cinnamon
2002CGLSB57 III Long III Regular Cinnamon
2002CGLSB57 IV Long IV Regular Cinnamon
2002CGLSB57 V Long V Regular Cinnamon
2002CGRSB I Regular I Regular Beige
2002CGRSB II Regular II Regular Beige
2002CGRSB III Regular III Regular Beige
2002CGRSB IV Regular IV Regular Beige
2002CGRSB V Regular V Regular Beige
2002CGRSB06 I Regular I Regular White
2002CGRSB06 II Regular II Regular White
2002CGRSB06 III Regular III Regular White
2002CGRSB06 IV Regular IV Regular White
2002CGRSB06 V Regular V Regular White
2002CGRSB10 I Regular I Regular Black
2002CGRSB10 II Regular II Regular Black
2002CGRSB10 III Regular III Regular Black
2002CGRSB10 IV Regular IV Regular Black
2002CGRSB10 V Regular V Regular Black
2002CGRSB23 I Regular I Regular Chestnut
2002CGRSB23 II Regular II Regular Chestnut
2002CGRSB23 III Regular III Regular Chestnut
2002CGRSB23 IV Regular IV Regular Chestnut
2002CGRSB23 V Regular V Regular Chestnut
2002CGRSB43 I Regular I Regular Pink
2002CGRSB43 II Regular II Regular Pink
2002CGRSB43 III Regular III Regular Pink
2002CGRSB43 IV Regular IV Regular Pink
2002CGRSB43 V Regular V Regular Pink
2002CGRSB53 I Regular I Regular Chocolate
2002CGRSB53 II Regular II Regular Chocolate
2002CGRSB53 III Regular III Regular Chocolate
2002CGRSB53 IV Regular IV Regular Chocolate
2002CGRSB53 V Regular V Regular Chocolate
2002CGRSB57 I Regular I Regular Cinnamon
2002CGRSB57 II Regular II Regular Cinnamon
2002CGRSB57 III Regular III Regular Cinnamon
2002CGRSB57 IV Regular IV Regular Cinnamon
2002CGRSB57 V Regular V Regular Cinnamon
2002MXCGLSB I Long I Max Beige
2002MXCGLSB II Long II Max Beige
2002MXCGLSB III Long III Max Beige
2002MXCGLSB IV Long IV Max Beige
2002MXCGLSB V Long V Max Beige
2002MXCGLSB06 I Long I Max White
2002MXCGLSB06 II Long II Max White
2002MXCGLSB06 III Long III Max White
2002MXCGLSB06 IV Long IV Max White
2002MXCGLSB06 V Long V Max White
2002MXCGLSB10 I Long I Max Black
2002MXCGLSB10 II Long II Max Black
2002MXCGLSB10 III Long III Max Black
2002MXCGLSB10 IV Long IV Max Black
2002MXCGLSB10 V Long V Max Black
2002MXCGLSB23 I Long I Max Chestnut
2002MXCGLSB23 II Long II Max Chestnut
2002MXCGLSB23 III Long III Max Chestnut
2002MXCGLSB23 IV Long IV Max Chestnut
2002MXCGLSB23 V Long V Max Chestnut
2002MXCGLSB43 I Long I Max Pink
2002MXCGLSB43 II Long II Max Pink
2002MXCGLSB43 III Long III Max Pink
2002MXCGLSB43 IV Long IV Max Pink
2002MXCGLSB43 V Long V Max Pink
2002MXCGLSB53 I Long I Max Chocolate
2002MXCGLSB53 II Long II Max Chocolate
2002MXCGLSB53 III Long III Max Chocolate
2002MXCGLSB53 IV Long IV Max Chocolate
2002MXCGLSB53 V Long V Max Chocolate
2002MXCGLSB57 I Long I Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGLSB57 II Long II Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGLSB57 III Long III Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGLSB57 IV Long IV Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGLSB57 V Long V Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGRSB I Regular I Max Beige
2002MXCGRSB II Regular II Max Beige
2002MXCGRSB III Regular III Max Beige
2002MXCGRSB IV Regular IV Max Beige
2002MXCGRSB V Regular V Max Beige
2002MXCGRSB06 I Regular I Max White
2002MXCGRSB06 II Regular II Max White
2002MXCGRSB06 III Regular III Max White
2002MXCGRSB06 IV Regular IV Max White
2002MXCGRSB06 V Regular V Max White
2002MXCGRSB10 I Regular I Max Black
2002MXCGRSB10 II Regular II Max Black
2002MXCGRSB10 III Regular III Max Black
2002MXCGRSB10 IV Regular IV Max Black
2002MXCGRSB10 V Regular V Max Black
2002MXCGRSB23 I Regular I Max Chestnut
2002MXCGRSB23 II Regular II Max Chestnut
2002MXCGRSB23 III Regular III Max Chestnut
2002MXCGRSB23 IV Regular IV Max Chestnut
2002MXCGRSB23 V Regular V Max Chestnut
2002MXCGRSB43 I Regular I Max Pink
2002MXCGRSB43 II Regular II Max Pink
2002MXCGRSB43 III Regular III Max Pink
2002MXCGRSB43 IV Regular IV Max Pink
2002MXCGRSB43 V Regular V Max Pink
2002MXCGRSB53 I Regular I Max Chocolate
2002MXCGRSB53 II Regular II Max Chocolate
2002MXCGRSB53 III Regular III Max Chocolate
2002MXCGRSB53 IV Regular IV Max Chocolate
2002MXCGRSB53 V Regular V Max Chocolate
2002MXCGRSB57 I Regular I Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGRSB57 II Regular II Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGRSB57 III Regular III Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGRSB57 IV Regular IV Max Cinnamon
2002MXCGRSB57 V Regular V Max Cinnamon
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Reviewed by in Raleigh, NC on Thursday, August 4, 2016
Juzo feels silky soft
I've needed arm sleeve support for Lymphedema since breast cancer surgery 15 years ago. This model of Juzo support sleeve is by far the most comfortable one yet. It feels like silk when on, I actually forget I'm wearing it! I've worn other brands in the past, but none compare with this JUZO SOFT sleeve. I am delighted with the improvement in this product. Thanks!
Reviewed by on Friday, April 8, 2011
Thankful for your web site
The sleeve I ordered is very comfortable and fits really well. I would recommend this sleeve for all those who have to deal with lymphedeema. It was resonably priced, a lot less than what I would have paid at a physical thereapy office for the same sleeve. I'm so glad I found your web page.
Reviewed by in Atlantageorgia on Sunday, June 27, 2010
arm sleeves
The sleeve was a perfect fit. This is my second purchase. I will recomment this to everyone.
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