Customer Reviews for Absolute Support™ Opaque Compression Stockings - Thigh Hi Firm Compression 20-30mmHg - Unisex

Absolute Support™ Opaque Compression Stockings - Thigh Hi Firm Compression 20-30mmHg - Unisex
Model A203 A213
by Absolute Support
$25.95 per pair
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Available in the following SKUs

A202BE1 No Silicone Border Small Beige Closed Toe
A202BE2 No Silicone Border Medium Beige Closed Toe
A202BE3 No Silicone Border Large Beige Closed Toe
A202BE4 No Silicone Border XL Beige Closed Toe
A202BE7 No Silicone Border 4XL Beige Closed Toe
A202BE8 No Silicone Border 5XL Beige Closed Toe
A203BE1 Silicone Border Small Beige Closed Toe
A203BE2 Silicone Border Medium Beige Closed Toe
A203BE3 Silicone Border Large Beige Closed Toe
A203BE4 Silicone Border XL Beige Closed Toe
A203BE5 Silicone Border 2XL Beige Closed Toe
A203BE6 Silicone Border 3XL Beige Closed Toe
A203BE7 Silicone Border 4XL Beige Closed Toe
A203BE8 Silicone Border 5XL Beige Closed Toe
A203BL1 Silicone Border Small Black Closed Toe
A203BL2 Silicone Border Medium Black Closed Toe
A203BL3 Silicone Border Large Black Closed Toe
A203BL4 Silicone Border XL Black Closed Toe
A203BL5 Silicone Border 2XL Black Closed Toe
A203BL6 Silicone Border 3XL Black Closed Toe
A203BL7 Silicone Border 4XL Black Closed Toe
A203BL8 Silicone Border 5XL Black Closed Toe
A212BE1 No Silicone Border Small Beige Open Toe
A212BE2 No Silicone Border Medium Beige Open Toe
A212BE3 No Silicone Border Large Beige Open Toe
A212BE4 No Silicone Border XL Beige Open Toe
A212BE7 No Silicone Border 4XL Beige Open Toe
A212BE8 No Silicone Border 5XL Beige Open Toe
A213BE1 Silicone Border Small Beige Open Toe
A213BE2 Silicone Border Medium Beige Open Toe
A213BE3 Silicone Border Large Beige Open Toe
A213BE4 Silicone Border XL Beige Open Toe
A213BE5 Silicone Border 2XL Beige Open Toe
A213BE6 Silicone Border 3XL Beige Open Toe
A213BE7 Silicone Border 4XL Beige Open Toe
A213BE8 Silicone Border 5XL Beige Open Toe
A213BL1 Silicone Border Small Black Open Toe
A213BL2 Silicone Border Medium Black Open Toe
A213BL3 Silicone Border Large Black Open Toe
A213BL4 Silicone Border XL Black Open Toe
A213BL5 Silicone Border 2XL Black Open Toe
A213BL6 Silicone Border 3XL Black Open Toe
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Reviewed by in Prosser wa. on Thursday, January 10, 2013
About me: senior in good shape except for legs... found right Dr. ... Less evasive surgery!
good buys at great prices
after vein surgery, wore stocking... got too long the first time ... ready to do other leg
Reviewed by on Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Not What I Expected
Although these stockings are similar to the ones Discount Surgical offered about 2 years ago, they are not as soft as their more recent stockings. I assume both styles offer the same amount of compression, but the softer style (feel of material) were easier to put on and were over all more of a pleasure to wear. I'm sorry to see they have reverted to this weave of knit which is a stiff, difficult to stretch fabric. I hope enough customers complain and that Discount Surgical will contract for the hose I purchased last spring.
Reviewed by in Pennsylvania on Sunday, December 23, 2012
About me: wearing compression stockings for over 20 years
Quality is good but top of stocking is much too tight
I have purchased many knee high stockings from you and they are wonderful. These thigh high stockings are OK except for the binding top. Cannot be worn due to stricture on thigh. I have always used thigh high which do not require a belt and do not have the silicone top either. I was disappointed in the fit.
Reviewed by in California on Thursday, December 20, 2012
About me: 69 year old woman
Value Brand
Even though I do not have much varicose vains, my Dr. asked me to wear compression hose after surgey. He sent me to a fitter to make sure I had the right size and fit; which I highley recommend for the correct fit, it make a BIG difference! I loved them from the start and wish I had started wearing them years before! I started with Jobst, moved on to Sigvaris, and have now moved to the Value Brand.. I bought the Value Brand for the price, and am very happy with them. They are a little rough, but I like them alot. I wear them when I excercise. I needed open toe for inside my sports shoes. it was much more comfortable and much less costley. For 'going out' I love Sigvaris, they feel sexy. I am so very happy that I found this web site that carries them all. The reason I only put 4 stars for the fit, is because I am a chubby woman with skinny legs, which means for the ankle and calf fit in the Value Brand the thigh is a little too tight. With sissors I made a tiny slit at the top, which gave me more room and it is fine. I do not have this problem in the more costley brands
Reviewed by in United States on Saturday, November 10, 2012
Best of the Best!!!!!
These are just as good as the 1st EXPENSIVE $80.00 pair I HAD to have. Saved myself quite a bit of money. The color is better and they fit exactly. Thanks so much for this product. Will be buying another pair here soon.
Reviewed by in Colorado on Friday, July 20, 2012
About me: 55 YO with bad leg veins
Great buy
These hose are a really good buy. No way am I ever going to pay 40, 60 or 80 bucks for a pair of compression hose (it's all just a name anyway!), just not going to happen. And these are excellent for the price. I was hesitant at first, but really needed some new ones, so went for it. I shall be ordering another four pairs of these soon. A great buy! And make sure you get the right size.
Reviewed by in Arkansas on Friday, June 22, 2012
Received as advertised in a timely manner.
I received the stockings packaged well in a timely manner. Everything is great about the stockings except the sizing. I am not sure if their sizing is different from the company I have received my other stockings from, or just what the problem is, but, I wear medium in my other stockings and these are mediums that are TOO long. Therefore they come up too high on my legs and are uncomfortable. You might want to check with them about measuring before you order so that you get the right length. The compression sizes are correct as long as I pull them up higher than is comfortable.
Reviewed by in Portland, OR on Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Great stockings for the price
I purchased these when I needed a second pair of open toed compression thigh-highs for painful varicose veins during my pregnancy. I had purchased a pair of the Jobst brand, but did not want to spend another $100. These were incredibly cheap compared to the Jobst prices. So, I gave them a try. Overall, they are quite comfortable, fit well, and are perfect for wearing with my open-toed sandals and heels. With the right strap placement, you almost can't tell I'm wearing stockings with my open-toed shoes. The compression is great and I can wear these all day long. The only complaints I have are that the silicone dots on these do seem to irritate my skin a little and cause some itching by the end of the day where the Jobst brand does not. The second difference I've noted is that the material of the Jobst is a slightly better tone of color for my skin which has yellow undertones and it is a little silkier/softer. These stockings are a little more pink-toned. However, given the extreme price difference, I would probably recommend going with this brand over the Jobst, unless you have more money than you know what to do with or if you are wearing these stockings all of the time rather than for a temporary period of time like I am. These stockings are also a little longer than the Jobst brand, but the medium-size fit fine on me. I am 5'6", 130-5lbs when I am not pregnant.
Reviewed by on Friday, June 1, 2012
About me: Joyful for Jesus
Soft and Fairly Comfortable Most of the Day
I am new to wearing compression socks. I have to wear a 20-30 mmHg compression, so I knew I would have to get used to the tightness on my legs and the difficulty of getting them on each day. My hope was to find pairs that were not only comfortable, but stylish as well...I am still a "young at heart" woman. To accomplish this search, I experimented with different materials, colors, brands, and lengths. I bought the Opaque Thigh-Hi with Silicone Border Open Toe to wear with casual summer Capri pants and sundresses. I chose the open toe so I could wear sandals with my summer clothing. These socks are very soft and fairly stylish. The Nude color goes better with my skin color. My only problem with these socks is that the silicone border causes my skin to break out if I try to wear them all day. The border on these must be different than the silicone that is on the Sheer Thigh-Hi w/Lace Top kind. I still will continue to use them, however, because they are the ONLY thigh hi brand that is Open Toe.
Reviewed by on Saturday, April 28, 2012
Stays in place, but rubber beaded band hurt and caused a rash and red marks on my skin
I needed the stockings to wear after I had a few spider veins removed. They fit my legs fine. The problem was the rubber beaded band around the top of the thigh. It definitely stayed in place and didn't fall down, but it did cause a little rash and marks around my thighs. It did hurt after a few hours, so I would have to reposition the band.
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