Customer Reviews for Absolute Support™ Microfiber Compression Socks for Women - Medium Support

Absolute Support™ Microfiber Compression Socks for Women - Medium Support
Model A1014 A1015 A1016
by Absolute Support
$12.95 per pair
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Available in the following SKUs

A1014BL1 Diamond Small Black
A1014BL2 Diamond Medium Black
A1014BL3 Diamond Large Black
A1014BL4 Diamond XL Black
A1014BR1 Diamond Small Brown
A1014BR2 Diamond Medium Brown
A1014BR3 Diamond Large Brown
A1014BR4 Diamond XL Brown
A1014NV1 Diamond Small Navy
A1014NV2 Diamond Medium Navy
A1014NV3 Diamond Large Navy
A1014NV4 Diamond XL Navy
A1014TN1 Diamond Small Tan
A1014TN2 Diamond Medium Tan
A1014TN3 Diamond Large Tan
A1014TN4 Diamond XL Tan
A1014WH1 Diamond Small White
A1014WH2 Diamond Medium White
A1014WH3 Diamond Large White
A1014WH4 Diamond XL White
A1015BL1 Cable Small Black
A1015BL2 Cable Medium Black
A1015BL3 Cable Large Black
A1015BL4 Cable XL Black
A1015BR1 Cable Small Brown
A1015BR2 Cable Medium Brown
A1015BR3 Cable Large Brown
A1015BR4 Cable XL Brown
A1015NV1 Cable Small Navy
A1015NV2 Cable Medium Navy
A1015NV3 Cable Large Navy
A1015NV4 Cable XL Navy
A1015TN1 Cable Small Tan
A1015TN2 Cable Medium Tan
A1015TN3 Cable Large Tan
A1015TN4 Cable XL Tan
A1015WH1 Cable Small White
A1015WH2 Cable Medium White
A1015WH3 Cable Large White
A1015WH4 Cable XL White
A1016BL1 Trouser Small Black
A1016BL2 Trouser Medium Black
A1016BL3 Trouser Large Black
A1016BL4 Trouser XL Black
A1016BR1 Trouser Small Brown
A1016BR2 Trouser Medium Brown
A1016BR3 Trouser Large Brown
A1016BR4 Trouser XL Brown
A1016NV1 Trouser Small Navy
A1016NV2 Trouser Medium Navy
A1016NV3 Trouser Large Navy
A1016NV4 Trouser XL Navy
A1016TN1 Trouser Small Tan
A1016TN2 Trouser Medium Tan
A1016TN3 Trouser Large Tan
A1016TN4 Trouser XL Tan
A1016WH1 Trouser Small White
A1016WH2 Trouser Medium White
A1016WH3 Trouser Large White
A1016WH4 Trouser XL White
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Reviewed by in Missouri on Friday, November 22, 2013
About me: school teacher
Love 'em1
These fit great, look good and make me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER at the end of my teaching day!
Reviewed by in United States on Monday, October 14, 2013
Womens Diamond Pattern Dress Socks
Sock fits well and comfortable. It is easy to get on. It doesn't look like a support stocking because of the attractive diamond pattern.
Reviewed by in Florida on Thursday, May 2, 2013
About me: Ready for retirement and travel
Glad I found this site
Very pleased with the fit, style and price. Had bought other support stockings in anticipation of an extended trip, wish I would have seen these first. They are much better quality at more reasonable cost.
Reviewed by in Florida on Monday, April 15, 2013
About me: Waitress and walker for my energetic dog
Socks for work and home
These are well made, good looking and hard working socks. Mine are in great shape after many washings, and my legs feel fine after a night of much walking and standing. They do their job, are an excellent value and easily compare to the much more costly brand name support socks. I also appreciate the gentle email reminders for replacements- my health is important and since varicose veins are in my family I want to stay ahead of the condition as long as possible, given my choice of work. I recommend them for anyone who are on their feet for extended periods of time,for road and air trips, and for walking the dog! Thank you for the wonderful socks!
Reviewed by in Minnesota on Thursday, March 21, 2013
Easy Care, Easy Wear, Great Value
These socks fit so well. They retain their shape after laundering (drip dry only!!). They look nice and professional under slacks. Just wish they came in more colors!
Reviewed by in kansas on Saturday, November 3, 2012
About me: age 65, work part time and spend 5 hours straight standing on cement
medium support trouser socks womens
This is second time I ordered these sock and they lasted me a long time, they really help my legs from aching after standing. The medium is easy to put on and they don't fit to tight up by my knees. Also a good price when you check other places, and great shipping.
Reviewed by in Utah on Thursday, March 8, 2012
About me: Retired Teacher who loves to travel
Easy-to-put-on Support Trouser Socks!!
I travel a lot, and lately my feet and ankles swell with long hours of sitting on planes or in a car. I have been using compression knee socks on my longer trips, but my fingers lacked the strength to put them on myself, so my husband or my sister had to help me. A friend recommend the trouser socks from Discount Surgical, telling me that they had more flexibility than her compression socks, and perhaps they would work well for me. She was right--I can put them on myself, they are more comfortable, and they still control the swelling. They are also inexpensive enough that I could buy them in a variety of colors. My sister (who has serious problems with swelling and edema, and has a part-time job that keeps her on her feet) tried them also. She loves the ease and comfort of the Microfiber Trouser Socks for everyday, but thinks she will still need compression stockings for long trips.
Reviewed by in SC on Saturday, February 18, 2012
love the colors
Having never needed to wear compression stockings, I wasn't sure how these would work. But after swelling occurred following a broken foot, I thought I'd give these a try. Delivery was very quick, and the socks have been comfortable, worn and washed/dried well, and seem to be well worth the cost vs. visiting the local pharmacy for theirs.
Reviewed by in Huntington, Indiana on Saturday, May 15, 2010
I have several health issues but I can tell you that when I put these socks on I feel wonderful. The toe area is loose and non-binding so there's no cramping. The feeling is like having new skin. I will be getting more and you won't regret this purchase one bit.
Reviewed by in US on Tuesday, April 6, 2010
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