Customer Reviews for Absolute Support™ Sheer Compression Knee Highs, Medium Graduated Support 15-20mmHg

Absolute Support™ Sheer Compression Knee Highs, Medium Graduated Support 15-20mmHg
Model A101 A111 A407 A408
by Absolute Support
$10.95 per pair
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Available in the following SKUs

A101BE1 Sheer Small Beige
A101BE2 Sheer Medium Beige
A101BE3 Sheer Large Beige
A101BE4 Sheer XL Beige
A101BE5 Sheer XXL Beige
A101BE6 Sheer XXXL Beige
A101BL1 Sheer Small Black
A101BL2 Sheer Medium Black
A101BL3 Sheer Large Black
A101BL4 Sheer XL Black
A101NA1 Sheer Small Natural
A101NA2 Sheer Medium Natural
A101NA3 Sheer Large Natural
A101NA4 Sheer XL Natural
A101NU1 Sheer Small Nude
A101NU2 Sheer Medium Nude
A101NU3 Sheer Large Nude
A101NU4 Sheer XL Nude
A101NV1 Sheer Small Navy
A101NV2 Sheer Medium Navy
A101NV3 Sheer Large Navy
A101NV4 Sheer XL Navy
A101T1 Sheer Small Taupe
A101T2 Sheer Medium Taupe
A101T3 Sheer Large Taupe
A101T4 Sheer XL Taupe
A101WH1 Sheer Small White
A101WH2 Sheer Medium White
A101WH3 Sheer Large White
A101WH4 Sheer XL White
A111BL1 Sheer Open Toe Small Black
A111BL2 Sheer Open Toe Medium Black
A111BL3 Sheer Open Toe Large Black
A111BL4 Sheer Open Toe XL Black
A111NU1 Sheer Open Toe Small Nude
A111NU2 Sheer Open Toe Medium Nude
A111NU3 Sheer Open Toe Large Nude
A111NU4 Sheer Open Toe XL Nude
A111WH1 Sheer Open Toe Small White
A111WH2 Sheer Open Toe Medium White
A111WH3 Sheer Open Toe Large White
A111WH4 Sheer Open Toe XL White
A407BL1 Sheer Dotted Small Black
A407BL2 Sheer Dotted Medium Black
A407BL3 Sheer Dotted Large Black
A407BL4 Sheer Dotted XL Black
A407CH1 Sheer Dotted Small Charcoal
A407CH2 Sheer Dotted Medium Charcoal
A407CH3 Sheer Dotted Large Charcoal
A407CH4 Sheer Dotted XL Charcoal
A407ES1 Sheer Dotted Small Expresso
A407ES2 Sheer Dotted Medium Expresso
A407ES3 Sheer Dotted Large Expresso
A407ES4 Sheer Dotted XL Expresso
A408BL1 Sheer Diamond Small Black
A408BL2 Sheer Diamond Medium Black
A408BL3 Sheer Diamond Large Black
A408BL4 Sheer Diamond XL Black
A408CH1 Sheer Diamond Small Charcoal
A408CH2 Sheer Diamond Medium Charcoal
A408CH3 Sheer Diamond Large Charcoal
A408CH4 Sheer Diamond XL Charcoal
A408ES1 Sheer Diamond Small Expresso
A408ES2 Sheer Diamond Medium Expresso
A408ES3 Sheer Diamond Large Expresso
A408ES4 Sheer Diamond XL Expresso
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Reviewed by in Iowa on Friday, March 29, 2019
Knee high compression stockings
Discount Surgical is the only place I buy my compression stockings. Good quality, last a long time, great fit and very reasonable price. I trust them to get my order right and to me in good time. Thank you
Reviewed by in Louisiana on Tuesday, December 31, 2013
5 stars!!!
excellent, good support. Have been wearing these for several years.. Best price
Reviewed by in TN on Wednesday, June 5, 2019
About me: over 70
Just right
I need to wear compression sox for hypertension; these fit well, keep my ankles from swelling, and are lightweight for summer.
Reviewed by in Phoenix AZ on Tuesday, June 4, 2019
For slender legs and long feet!
I wear the open toe. Have slender legs and long narrow feet! The enclosed toe is too tight but to get the toe to fit I would have to go to a Large size and that is too big. I have no complaints; just wish the toe felt better and I could wear enclosed toe type in winter too. Glad your company is available to me.
Reviewed by in Boca Raton, Fl on Thursday, May 30, 2019
About me: Senior Citizen with vein issues
Good prices and high quality
Good product with good prices. The phone people are pleasant and knowledgeable.
Reviewed by in FL on Thursday, May 30, 2019
About me: A busy landlord
Very comfortable
I have always been busy and found that my bad leg veins were inherited from my father side of the family. Had bad legs in high school, couldn't run far without pain in my calves. Over the years it has got worse and swelling is a major problem too. Wearing this compression knee highs have solved most of my problems. I can walk further and have very little swelling. I highly recommend compression socks for any one with leg pains.
Reviewed by in NE on Friday, May 24, 2019
About me: retired
knee highs
loved them and I just ordered another pair.
Reviewed by in Houston on Monday, May 20, 2019
I LOVE these!
These fit really well, wash well and seem to last a while. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by in Massachusetts on Thursday, May 16, 2019
About me: Retired teacher and mother
Exactly what we wanted
The item is 100% what I needed and ordered. Easy to do business with this company.
Reviewed by in Brownfield Maine on Saturday, May 4, 2019
About me: I have varicose veins. These knee highs are terrific since I am on my feet for about 4 hours steady. I will be taking a trip to Ireland in August, so I bought the panty hose for that trip. I’m thoroughly sold
Great support
Love these.
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