COVID-19 Response

Dear Valued Customer

As our customer, you're a part of our community that's why I wanted to reach out. It goes without saying that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the global outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19), and that's why I've decided to enact some temporary measures at Discount Surgical Stockings to keep our workforce safe while still providing you with the highest level of service.

In response to the Coronavirus and in an abundance of caution, we are following NYC protocol. All of our customer service employees are working from home and standing by to help you as always. Our dedicated employees at our warehouse distribution center are at work making sure orders are shipped out same day. We have a robust infrastructure and the technological systems in place to continue to provide you with the support you need while keeping all data safe and secure. We have prepared the necessary resources and technology to transition our employees to work in a secure environment remotely, while continuing to provide the same high quality of professionalism and service that our customers are accustomed to.

Our Shipping department will continue to work on site so there should be little to no disruptions to our order and shipping process. To keep all our employees safe, we are supplying hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to all our employees as well as conducting regular and frequent disinfecting of high-touch areas in our warehouses.

I am planning on keeping these measures in place for as long as necessary and are hopeful that you as a consumer will see no variation in service.

I will update you in the event that something should change.

Be safe and as always, walk in good health.

Moshe Blinder
Discount Surgical Stockings Inc.
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