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How do I access the shopping cart? There is no point to click to go to the shopping cart so I can complete my order.
On the right hand corner on your screen, there is a bag which would be the same as a shopping cart. you can click on the bag and it would take you to checkout
Can an order payment be split ?
Unfortunately at this time we do...
What payment options are accepted?
We accept most major credit card company options such as....
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I wear size IV in Juzo - what size would that convert to in these? L? or XL?
The sizing does not translate directly
I ordered size medium sheer support value brand as per size chart measurements, but the toe is so tight. If I order large will the knee high be too long?
yes, the entire garment gets larger
With summer coming, I was wondering if it would be ok to wear just the compression sleeve as apposed to a closed toe all day at work. I work in retail and spend most of the day on my feet. I find the open toe socks to be very uncomfortable and thought maybe a compression sleeve would be ok. It would be great to be able to wear sandals without a sock showing.
Do the silicone dots go all the way around the top band, or just on the back size, half way?
All around
What is compression and what are the varying levels?
Compression stockings are specially designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping
What are the differences between fabric styles?
(Opaque, Sheer, Microfiber, Cool Max). Opaque: Nylon which is not “see-through”. More of a...
Can you wash them in the washing machine -gentle cycle or only by hand? Dryer? Thank you.
Both options are fine.
What is the difference between Firm and 20-30mmHg?
20-30mmhg is what we refer to as Firm compression
What is the difference between the Surgical Opaque Compression at $26.95 and the 862P at $9l.96 sale price. Thank you.
The Sigvaris 862P Pantyhose is made out of 64% nylon / 36% spandex - Absolute Support Surgical Opaque Compression Pantyhose is made out of 78% Nylon/22% Lycra Spandex. They are both strong Opaque garments in 20-30mmhg - The Surgical opaque is our Brand
Is a garter belt recommended with these hose?
We do not recommend a garter belt because this item has the silicone border. The silicone border is a rubber like material which prevents the sock from slipping down.
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How long does the return process usually take?
Generally, there is about a 2 week turn-around time. Time may vary....
What is our return policy?
Please inspect your merchandise for any defects and try them on to ensure correct size when they first arrive...
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